Student Code of Conduct:

At Dr. George Stanley, we are fortunate to house a positive and caring group of students who are surrounded by staff and parents who care about them.

Nonetheless, it is our role to be diligent around creating a safe, caring environment for everyone. Our model, based on fostering meaningful relationships with key homeroom teachers is vital. This allows us to really know students as learners and understand their unique personalities. This also means that most behaviour situations are actively addressed by teachers.

Our school has implemented the tenets of Restorative Practices, which is a set of strategies that can transform learning environments and help school staff respond more effectively to unacceptable behaviour. A great resource to understand Restorative Practices is located at:


Students are guided and governed by the system Student Code of Conduct located at:


A “student friendly” version of the Code of Conduct is located at:


How the school responds to unacceptable student behaviour is guided by a philosophy of progressive discipline. A summary of this philosophy is located at:


The governance of progressive discipline is described here:


Teachers are the first point of contact and school administration needs to take into consideration a number of factors, including developmental appropriateness, parameters, previous steps taken, and any other relevant circumstances. As a school, we communicate with all involved parties, but cannot share details pertaining to other students or their families as per FOIP (Freedom of Information and Privacy) guidelines. This is sometimes concerning to families who may not understand these parameters or feel that “nothing was ever done" to address a concern. All situations brought to school administration are investigated and addressed in keeping with both the Code of Conduct and Progressive Discipline.


The communities  of Cranston and Seton have wonderful children and adolescents. In the end, our only goal is student success, to ensure everyone is safe and that we are supporting all students in make the best choices!

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