​​​​​​​Fees will be charged to your MyCBE​ account beginning in October. School fees are due when assigned.

Annual system fees are set each year when the operating budget is passed by the Board of Trustees. To keep fees as low as possible, the CBE is committed to being as efficient as possible in the provision of services. Costs of providing the services include direct labour and supplies, as well as the cost of fee waivers and uncollectible accounts.

​It is important to know that we have a waiver process ​for families who cannot afford to pay the fees.

2023-24 Fees

Lunch Supervision Fees
Kindergarten (alternating days)
4-Day program
5-Day program
Student Supplies Fee
Half-Day Kindergarten
Full-Day Kindergarten & Grades 1-6
Yellow Bus Transportation ​Fee
Mandated Program
Non-Mandated Progam
Kindergarten (one-way)

*Please visit 2023-24 Transportation Service Level and Fees for more information. 

School-based and course specific fees may be charged by our school throughout the year. You can find a complete list of the approved fees for your school on our Find My School Fees page.

​Visit the CBE website for more information on fees and waivers​.​​​​

After you log in to MyCBE, just click on the Student Fees & Service Registrations button to get started. 


Our Fees

Here are some fees that are specific to our school:

Fee Categories

Activity Fees

Field Trips and In-School Activities – Fees for these activities will be sent home prior to the event. Costs are based on admission and transportation. Fees will be assigned to students as trips are arranged.                                              

Extracurricular Fees

Sports Teams – Covers the cost for referees, tournaments and a wind-up celebration. Only students who make the team will be charged.

Clubs – Covers the cost of the materials needed by students for that activity. Only students who sign up will be charged.

Fees for Optional Courses

Music Instrument Rental – Covers the rental charge for using a school instrument, this fee also goes towards the cleaning and maintenance of the instruments. Only applies to band students renting a school instrument.    $100

Non-Curricular Goods and Services

Noon Hour Activity Fee  – Covers the cost of games and materials that are available for  all students to use during the lunch break. Applies to all students in Gr 5-6.   $10

Year Book (Optional) – Covers the cost of producing the year book, Deadline to order and pay will be Feb 1, 2021.   $35

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