Our school offers options to suit our students’ unique learning needs, interests and abilities. All of our courses follow the Alberta Programs of Study. 

Course Options

2020-2021 Complementary Courses Grades 5-9

The courses offered at Dr. George Stanley have been created because they reflect student interest as well as essential knowledge in the modern era and teacher staffing realities. 

  • All courses are for a full year in order to develop the in-depth knowledge and understanding of how information or skills can be utilized within the core classes, as well as develop skill and understanding that will carry on to their futures.
  • To be chosen based on individual interests -- not peer grouping or who’s teaching.
  • Based on forming specific vocabulary, skills and application (a final project or experience).
  • Vary from each grade level to provide a different experience to students who stay in one area.
  • Each student will choose 2 complementary courses. If there are issues the school will contact the family directly.

CTF Business (Business, Leadership and Management {BLAM})

A practical course to prepare students for their future: BLAM, or Business, Leadership & Management, focuses on different dimensions that support entrepreneurship, organizing volunteer and non-profit organizations, personal finance and investment strategy. 

Grade level focuses:

  • Grade 5:  Leadership (organizing, volunteer coordination and partnership development in service of local level causes)
  • Grade 6:  Management & Entrepreneurship (starting a unique business with others and learning through trial and error)
  • Grade 7: Management & Leadership (raising global awareness, money and coordinating private and public partnerships for a cause)
  • Grade 8: Personal Finance (personal budgeting, taxes, credit, etc.)
  • Grade 9:  Investment Strategy (stocks, bonds, mutual funds and the capital markets)

CTF Communication Technologies (Digital Literacy)

Technology and new mediums of communicating are growing every year.  This class will provide technical skills, media source awareness, digital citizenship topics, programming and design opportunities at each level.  However, there will be some unique focuses:

  • Grade 5: Computer Basics (accessing info, Google apps, Microsoft office)
  • Grade 6:  Digital narratives (on-line research skills, digital story telling, video/audio editing and blogging)
  • Grade 7: Self-representation (social media, web-design & still image editing)
  • Grade 8: Digital design (coding for games, 3-D designs, intellectual property)
  • Grade 9:  On-line identity (branding, corporate representation, public figures, self promotion & coding)


Art goes far beyond notions of sketching and painting.  Students who chose art will be able to express themselves through many mediums, but also gain an in-depth knowledge about the discipline.

Grade level focuses:

  • Grade 5: Self-expression (positive & negative spaces, art critiques, light and shadow, scale)
  • Grade 6: Perspective (overlapping, blueprints, 3-D models, design planning, texture, genre and media)
  • Grade 7: Design Elements (form, balance and rhythm, picture plane and composition & symbolism)
  • Grade 8: Realism vs. Abstraction (self-portraiture & representing identity)
  • Grade 9: Design (industrial & graphic design, typography, screen printing and sketching)


Music is universal.  Students who play instruments learn individual skills while being part of a bigger team and gain the abilities to represent their thoughts and feelings through sound.  Practice and proficiency are expected to grow with each year, however there will be a different emphasis according to grade level:

  • Grade 5:  Flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone and percussion
  • Grade 6:  Flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, alto sax, tenor sax euphonium and percussion
  • Grade 7:  Flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, alto sax, tenor sax euphonium, french horn, baritone saxophone, oboe, bass guitar and percussion
  • Grade 8:  Flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, alto sax, tenor sax euphonium, french horn, baritone saxophone, oboe, bass guitar and percussion
  • Grade 9: Flute, clarinet, trumpet and trombone, alto sax, tenor sax euphonium, french horn, baritone saxophone, oboe, bass guitar and percussion

*An information session will be held at the school June 18 for grade 5 & 6 in regards to renting instruments through the school or an external agency. A second date in September will be scheduled for new families to DGS.

French (Grade 5-7 only)

Students are exposed to the basics of French language.  This is an opportunity for students to develop an appreciation for French culture and explore their love for learning new vocabulary and exploring different cultures. 

2020-2021 Grade 5 Exposure Wheel

Grade 4 students will take part in a cycle of complementary courses so they can gain some insight, learn about safety and decide which classes are best for them as they move forward. Students will take: Music, Fine Arts, Digital Literacy, Business Leadership and Management (BLAM), and French.

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