​​​​​​​​Traffic Safety

Ensuring our students get to school safely is everyone’s responsibility. Please be mindful of crosswalks, parking rules and speed limits when you are near our schools, especially during the morning drop-off and afternoon dismissal times.​ ​​​​

Traffic Safety Reminders from The City of Calgary​

The City wants to remind and encourage anyone who is driving children to school to operate their vehicles safely and responsibly. Parents and guardians are reminded not park where it’s prohibited during drop off and pick up times, such as blocking crosswalks, laneways and private driveways.   
Pick up and drop off times can get quite busy. Give yourself extra time to navigate safely around schools, whether you are walking, wheeling, or driving. For those who drive, help alleviate congestion by parking a block or two away and walking in, wherever possible.   
Talk to your kids about safe travel practices like using crosswalks with patrols, looking all ways before crossing the street and not jaywalking across the roadways as a shortcut.   
Learn more by visiting Calgary.ca/BeSafe.

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Parking & Drop-Off

Drop-off and Pick-up Zones

  • Students are not to be dropped off directly in front of the school. We ask that you drop your child off at the park before the Higgins parking lot or after the cross walk (around the corner). 
  • We have many school buses that need to unload students safely and they need to do this in a timely manner.  
  • The parking lots are not to be used to drop off or pick up students. Parking lots are out of bounds to students at all times.  They are for staff only.
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