Dec 03
December 2021

The cold, wet, winter weather seems to have arrived and seems to be sticking around this time! Just a reminder that all students go outside twice per day for a minimum of 15 minutes each time (longer for our lunch recess) and we do not have any supervision inside during these times. It is important that your child is dressed for the weather, so they are comfortable and able to enjoy this unstructured play time. As the weather can be unpredictable, it is a good idea to check the forecast each morning and send your child to school dressed for the expected low temperature or wet/cold weather. Having a hat or hood is very important, because body heat can be lost by an uncovered head in cold, windy weather. We also recommend dressing your child in layers, as this enables your child to remove a layer if they are too hot, or put on a layer if they are too cold. Please ensure all clothing items are labeled and we will work to get these pieces back to your child should they become lost.

As you are aware, over the past month we have continued to receive notification of positive cases in our school community. We thank all parents for continuing to ensure their child(ren) has a clean & dry mask to wear while they are here at school. To avoid an unnecessary trip to bring a mask to your child at school, we recommend that all students have a small baggie with 5 disposable or reusable masks labeled with their name, in their backpack in case they lose the mask they came to school with. Please ensure your child's mask fits your child's face as we are seeing many masks that have stretched or are too big and therefore not as effective to keep your child safe & healthy.

Drop off and pick up can be busy times around our school. In an effort to keep our students safe, please ensure that you are following the rules of the road regardless of if you are a pedestrian or a driver of a vehicle. Children do not perceive traffic like adults do, so extra caution is needed in and around playgrounds and schools. Remember that it is important to not double park or park facing the wrong direction as this is a dangerous practice especially near a school and could result in an expensive ticket! Please also consider using our 'drop off' location on 10th Street, just to the north of the parking lot, and remember that it is not too late to register for yellow school bus transportation!

We have just published our School Development Plan for this year and you can find a copy on our school's website. Our data has informed us that we should continue to focus on literacy, and more specifically building, and focusing on high impact speaking, reading & writing strategies this year.  We will also focus on helping our students communicate more clearly and efficiently when solving problems in mathematics. Our wellness goal will focus on helping students gain the skills & vocabulary to attempt to solve problems independently. We will share our plans at our next School Council Meeting on December 9 @ 6:30pm. All parents are automatically members of our School Council & Parent Enhancement Society and we encourage and welcome all parents to attend our monthly meetings and have a voice in what happens at our school! ​

Have a wonderful winter break and hopefully things will get back to normal in the New Year!

Anne Markovich


Dr. J.K. Mulloy School



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