May 30
June 2023

Looking Ahead

It is that time of year where we are eagerly anticipating many fun and exciting events for the last few weeks of the school year and also looking ahead to the next school year.

Information about transportation registration for next year is available on the CBE transportation website, and the deadline for inclusion for first day of school service is Sunday, June 11th. It is extremely important to register for bussing so that the transportation department can consider your address as they create bussing routes and stops for next year. If you miss this deadline, it is important that you pre-register as soon as possible, as it can take up to 6 weeks to process your transportation registration. It is also essential that your correct address is in our system in case of emergency. If you have moved over the course of the year, or know you will be moving before the start of the school year, please contact us in the office to ensure we have your current and correct address on file.

We are making plans for staffing and class lists for next year and although we would love for all of our students to be staying with us next year, we know sometimes children will be changing schools due to a variety of reasons. If you know your child will be attending another school next year, due to a move, or any other reason, please let the office know ASAP. This will ensure we have the transfer process completed, so student records are ready to go to their new school by the end of June or as soon as possible. If you have applied for registration at a private or charter school but will not know if you have been accepted until closer to September that would also be helpful information as we plan ahead for next year. If you are planning an extended holiday over the summer, and are not sure your child will be back on August 31st, for the first day of school, please call the office as soon as possible so we are aware of your plans. Students who do not return to school during the month of September will lose their place in the TLC program and will be registered to return to their designated community school. Grade 4 students are automatically enrolled at Colonel Macleod School unless you have moved out of area. There is no action required for parents. If you have other plans for your child for next year (i.e. returning to designated community school), please let us or Colonel Macleod know.

This is also the time of year that we are creating class lists and student placements for next year. We appreciate the trust that parents place in us to choose the class and teacher that will best support their child's learning needs. We consider the needs of all of our students when we create class lists and we consider many factors when doing so. We strive for a balance of students in each class and try to place students with classmates that will help them learn. We know that there may be times where parents have a specific wish for a learning environment for their child. Classroom requests must be based on student learning need(s), rather than a preference to be with a certain teacher or student(s). We do not accept requests regarding specific teachers or students, but we do welcome requests that outline the teaching and learning needs that best support your child. If parents have requests for classroom placements for next year, please email them directly to Terrie Lay at by June 30th. Only requests provided to me in an email will be considered. Please know that we do our best to honor parent requests when possible, but cannot guarantee that we can accommodate all requests.

As we complete our last few weeks of this year, we continue to have high expectations for students, while building in opportunities to fun and engaging learning opportunities, especially outdoors when the weather cooperates. Teachers are taking advantage of the beautiful spring weather to learn on and from the land surrounding our school, as a part of our commitment to truth and reconciliation through education. Please ensure students come to school dressed for the weather and prepared to go outside in all types of weather.

As you know, we will be welcoming Mr. Gavin Schumm as the new principal at Dr. J.K. Mulloy as of August 27, 2023. We will also be welcoming a new Assistant Principal before the start of the new year. I will be working closely with Mr. Schumm to share this information with him and working to ensure a smooth leadership transition. Until that time, please email me with any questions, concerns, or requests you may have.

 Thank you,

Terrie Lay



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