Oct 26
Classroom Conversations

Yesterday Mr. George and Mr. Hartl visited every grade  in the school to talk about three key messages.

1.       Being on time

We have seen an increase with students being late for class at all points of the day, especially at the start of the day and after lunch. When a student arrives late it is not only disruptive to the learning of others, it is also disruptive to their own learning. Our expectations are that students are in their desks at the start of the day, by 8:30. Our 8:30 bell is an indicator that they are now late and will be marked as late. This is also the case for every period that follows, we need them in their rooms so we can maximize their learning opportunities. We have explained that if we have chronic lates moving forward that we will be keeping specific students in during lunch to make up that time.

2.       Cell phones and Air-pods

When the decision was made to not allow phones in classrooms, it was because research indicates that learning increases. When the phone is present students are more worried about answering texts and social media then they are about learning. It becomes a distraction that impacts everyone in the room. We reminded them today that their phones should be in the lockers throughout the day, this includes headphones of all types. We explained that if teachers see them they will be asked once to put the item away. If it comes out again or it is repeated frequently then the phone needs to be handed in to the teacher until the end of the day. Teachers have been finding an increase in students being argumentative and disrespectful when this conversation happens. If a student is struggling to follow this guideline and is being disrespectful they could be sent home. If there is a need for a parent to communicate with their child we ask they call the school and not the child in class. We are more than happy to have them come down to the office to engage in a conversation with you.

3.       Respect

A reminder was given to all students about how we treat each other not only at DMC but in the world in general. We have had several substitutes lately not wanting to return to the school because of the level of disrespect from some of our students. We also have a general feel from some of our students that they can come and go as they please, leaving the class or the school whenever they want. It was explained to all of them that we are responsible for them while they are in the building and that teachers need to know when they need to leave the classroom. We are asking that everyone at DMC treat each other with respect, that we follow the “Golden Rule".

​We concluded the talks by thanking all of the students that are working incredibly hard, consistently come to class on time and ready to learn. We suggested that this day marks a fresh start for all of those that have struggled with the above expectations, that now was the time to set new goals to help make a concerted effort to ensure a quality learning experience for themselves and those around them.

None of these are new expectations at DMC, in fact most of these would be the expectations that all schools would have, including the elementary schools our students have come from. Although we try to address these situations as they occur, it would be greatly appreciated if parents could support us by having ongoing conversations with their children about these topics.

Please see our page on Code of Conduct for more information on our school expectations. 

Thank you,

The Staff of DMC


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