Apr 27

​Over the course of the year we have had a steady increase in vandalism both inside and outside the school. Washrooms tend to be the main target, students ripping paper dispensers and soap dispensers off the walls repeatedly. They are using sharpies to draw graffiti all over the stalls, things are being flushed down the toilets causing them to plug and requiring a plumber to come and fix. On one occasion we had water leaking on the main flor due to a plugged toilet on the second story. We need your help parents to chat with your child to help stop the vandalism at the school. We have not had any luck catching the people responsible, and nor do we need to, but we need it to stop. The costs of fixing items is something the school has to pay and they are adding up. 

We have​ gone into classrooms, we have had teachers talk to their classes, we have investigated, looked at video and yet we are still seeing an increase in this behavior. If you can help in any way by either talking to your child or asking them to report anything they witness, we would greatly appreciate your help. 


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