Grade 9

Welcome to the 2023-2024 Grade 9 webpage

Important grade 9 information will be posted on this page. This includes teacher contacts, high school registration information, and weekly updates for core classes (what we will be doing, homework, and tests). 

Google Classroom:

Google Classroom is part of the Google Suite of services that all students in grade 9 will be using to access assignments and resources that have been delivered in the classroom. 

To log in, just go to the Google homepage, then:

  1. Sign into your school google account ( 

  2. Click on the waffle in the top right-hand corner of the Google homepage and navigate to Google Classroom

  3. Click on the Course you want to go into     

9 Team Contact Information

Ms. Pertus - Humanities 

Ms.  Dvorkin - Gr. 9 Humanities 

Ms. Terris - Gr. 9 Humanities 

Mr. Campbell- 9 Science 

Mr. Beauchamp -  9 Science

Ms. Mak - 9 Science

Mr. Acimov - 9 Math 

Mr. Honish - 9 Math

Mr. Rokosh - 9 Math

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