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Principals’ Update – October 16, 2020

​Principals’ Update – October 16, 2020​

As you know, I have decided to retire, and today is my last day at Dr. Roberta Bondar School. Officially, I am principal of this wonderful school until October 23, 2020, and Evelyne Lamontagne will begin as principal on October 26.

This was a particularly difficult decision, as I have loved every minute of being a classroom teacher and a school leader. The highlight of my career has been the past 4 years where I have had the honour of opening Dr. Roberta Bondar School and getting to work with this amazing community. Our school motto of “Inquire, Innovate, Inspire and Imagine…" has been the hallmark of the work we do at this school. Our motto invites every child to ask questions, be creative in looking at the world from multiple perspectives, and consider the multitude of possibilities. We continue to personalize learning to embrace the uniqueness of each student and ensure every child is successful.

That being said, I am ready to pursue new challenges, projects and spend more time with my family. As you may know, I have a son, a daughter, and two beautiful granddaughters whom I adore. I am looking forward to becoming part of my granddaughters' bubble so I can hug them, bake cookies with them, and share every aspect of their lives!

On to other things…


Hallowe'en at Dr. Roberta Bondar School

Halloween is always an exciting time for children…the anticipation of dressing up, taking on the persona of another character, and hiding one's identity are all the hallmarks of this spooky celebration! We want to capitalize on the enthusiasm of this day and channel the energy into the curriculum. As always, the staff will engage the children in relevant, meaningful and authentic tasks that make sense to the work being presented in the classroom. This includes their world of seasonal events.

This year, due to COVID protocols, if children would like to wear a costume, we would ask they wear their costumes in the morning for the day, as we are not able to have them change at the lunch hour in the washrooms. If the classes were having a special 'snack time', we would ask you provide a treat for your child. We are not able to have the children share food this year.

Keeping Each Other Safe

Masks are mandatory in our schools for all students from kindergarten to Grade 12 with a few exceptions. CBE mask guidelines should be followed in all schools. It is costly for our schools to provide disposable masks if students forget to bring their own masks and reduces funding available to be used for educational purposes. Schools should encourage families to provide at least one mask per child to bring to school each day. It is also important that students continue to protect each other and the community as a whole both on and off school property. When leaving school students should continue to observe physical distancing where possible and to wear a mask when distancing is not possible. Interior and exterior signage is being created to help remind students to be safe once they leave school grounds.

COVID-19 Updates, Information & Resources

It can be confusing for families to understand when their child must stay home, when they need to isolate, if they need to be tested and when they can come back to school. Check out the new page on the CBE website - If a Student is Sick or has COVID-19 Symptoms, which includes CBE and Alberta Health Resources that clearly explain what to do if their child is sick. https://www.alberta.ca/k-to-12-school-re-entry-2020-21-schoolyear.aspx#toc-3

Provincial Achievement Tests Cancelled

Due to the continued disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the CBE will not be administering Grade 6 and 9 Provincial Achievement Tests in the 2020-21 school year. We believe this is the right decision in a year where direction from Alberta Education and Alberta Health continues to evolve rapidly.

Teachers will remain focused on delivering the programs of study for all courses and will continue to assess student achievement based on the grade level outcomes as determined by the Province of Alberta.

Boomerang Lunch Program

School lunches can generate a lot of waste, meaning an impact on the environment. The new School Re-Entry Plan asks staff and students to pack-in and pack-out all food each day. That is essentially the same as a boomerang lunch! Waste Reduction Week is Oct. 19 - 25.

Laine Mulholland                    Kim Howden

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