Jun 28

Dear DRBS Families,

How fast this year has gone! It's hard to believe today will be our last day with students. We have had some amazing times over the last 10 months and look forward to a great summer and fantastic new school year.

As we make our way into summer here are a few reminders and pieces of information.

School start up:

School starts again for students on September 1, 2022. The office will be open for new registrations and other business on Monday August 29, 2022.

On August 31, 2022 all students will receive an email introducing their new teacher and providing information for the first day. Staff will meet with their new class September 1, 2022 on the field at 8:25.

Our school hours will remain the same next year as will our lunch breaks.

We have a number of staff who will be leaving us as well as several new staff.

Congratulations to the following who are moving on to the next adventure:

  • Robert Coulas – moving to an administrative position at West Ridge School
  • Jenna Cunningham – moving to an administrative position at Griffith Woods School
  • Elizabeth Comber – retiring!!
  • Malcolm Knoll – going back to school to complete a Master Degree
  • Lindsay Gregoire – taking a leave of absence to be with her lovely daughter
  • Jolynn Bell – moving to another school

Please join us in welcoming:

  • Tessa Ethier
  • Allyson Evans
  • Robert Cuculea
  • Brenda Labrecque
  • Victoria Orton

As well we have a number of temporary teachers returning as we have a number of new babies in the Bondar family!

  • Devanee Clark
  • Britnee Litzenberger
  • Cameron MacLellan
  • Amanda Payette

Returning teaching staff:

  • Evelyne Lamontagne
  • Kim Howden
  • Sandra Roberts
  • Deb Hercun
  • Rhonda Hoggard
  • Esther Bakshi
  • Lydia McLeod
  • Roni Gorrie
  • Anne Nicholls
  • Blair Jamieson
  • Andrea Dabrensky
  • Marcia Goss
  • Lisa Talbot
  • Lindsay Oliver
  • Shawna Davey
  • Jodi Prazak
  • Wes Vanderlinden
  • Grace Postchaman

Front Office Staff:

  • Nadine Yacey
  • Bobbi Clark

We also have a large number of support staff who will be returning as well.


Thank you to School Council for all your support this year! With your help we did so many great things; SoundKreations Dance, Elder Shirley, Lacrosse, musical instruments, the Christmas store, sports day, grade 6 Farewell, Patrols party and much more. You are always there when we need.

The first School Council meeting will be Tuesday September 13. 2022. More info to follow in the fall.

Thank you as well to all of you who turned up to our pancake breakfast and performance. We had a great time and hope you did as well! The Calgary Stampede brought a photographer. Here is the link to some of the photos. More will be coming so keep as eye out!


A SHOUT OUT to the many parents who were here today to make the sports day such a great success. Lucked out with the weather again! Here are some photos from today.


And most importantly THANK YOU to all your amazing children who are our reason for being! They make coming to work at Dr Roberta Bondar a joy!

Have a safe and fantastic summer.

Evelyne Lamontagne

Principal DRBS​​


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