Physical Education Pointers

Tips to Help Your Child Succeed in Physical Education Class

Part of Physical Education is all about learning how to use and move our bodies in various ways and situations. This can include running, jumping, crawling, rolling, throwing, bending, twisting, etc., in both an indoor and outdoor environment. Here is a list of tips and suggestions that will help your child to be fully prepared, and to be an engaged and active participant in all aspects of Physical Education classes:

  • a good pair of shoes (running shoes are best) that will not slip off your feet, have closed toes and non-marking soles (slip on shoes, sandals, TOMS, CROCS, are examples of unsafe footwear)
  • have a pair of shoes for both indoor and outdoor P.E .
  • shoelaces must be tied up (now is the time to learn to tie laces!), and help keep your shoes securely on your feet 
  • dress in comfortable clothing that does not restrict movement (wear leggings under dresses) 
  • dress in layers; especially when outside
  • have a hat or sunglasses on outside P.E. days.
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