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Class/GradeTeacher (2019-20)


Mr. Jason Fech


Ms. Joliene Montaro
Grade 1 / 2


Mr. Ethan Backwell
Mrs. Kathleen Goodmanson
Miss Wendy Hunt
Grade 3 / 4


Mrs. Sylvia LeGeyt
Mr. Kevin Messer
Mrs. Maxine Bruggencate & Ms. J. Montanaro
Grade 5 / 6


Mr. Joe Burima
Mrs. Liane Hutchinson
Physical Education & Music


Mr. Neil Daga
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RT @FechJason: Help support families at our sister school @JSMelementary with our Mountain of Warmth clothing drive. Bag & label your laundered & gently used winter clothing donations & deliver to @ElbowParkSchool. #WeAreCBE

RT @CMOH_Alberta: Effective today parents & guardians in AB can access their children’s COVID-19 results via MyHealth Records, enabling them to receive their children’s test results more quickly. Once a child is tested, parents can log in & see the results as soon as they’re available, 24/7. (5/8)

RT @FechJason: We are so excited to use our new outdoor classroom @ElbowParkSchool! Thanks to Elbow Park Parent Society for funding this and our amazing CBE Grounds Crew for the amazing install! #WeAreCBE #outdoorclassroom

We are excited to support the #TerryFoxRun @ElbowParkSchool today!

RT @FechJason: Thanks to our Parent Society for funding to “grow” our outdoor classroom. Students @ElbowParkSchool two years ago told me we had no insects or animals on our grounds. I saw dragonflies & bees today! Thanks @BowPointNursery & @TheArborest for planning and planting this past week.