Wall Ball

The basic activity of the game is throwing the ball up against the wall, letting it bounce on the ground, then catching it. You can throw it against the wall and catch it yourself, or let another player catch it. 

Good sportsmanship is expected at all times.

  • The fun starts when one of two things happen:
    • if a person throws the ball and it touches the ground before a person fumbles or drops the ball in any way.
  • When either of these things happen, the fumbler/dropper must run to the wall.
  • Another player is trying to throw the ball so that it hits the wall before the fumbler can touch the wall. Anyone throwing the ball will NOT throw it at the fumbler or other people.
  • If the fumbler can make it to the wall first, game play continues.
  • If the ball gets there first, the fumbler has to stand off to the side, then game play continues.
  • When another player is beat to the wall by the ball or ‘out', they stand off to the side and the student who was waiting is back in the game.
  • A player can also be ‘out’ if they throw the ball against the wall and another player catches it in the air before the ball has a chance to land on the ground.


Good sportsmanship is expected at all times.

  1. The game cannot be played until there are even number of players on each team.
  2. Agree to rules ahead of time.
  3. Everyone playing needs to take a turn as referee for 3 minutes.
  4. The referee’s decision is final.
  5. NO hands: only the goaltender can use his/her hands.
  6. When the ball is kicked out of bounds by a team, the other team gets to throw it in.
  7. NO slide tackling.
  8. When a goal is scored, the opposite teams start with the ball back at the center.


Good sportsmanship is expected at all times.

  • A game is won when one player has wrapped the rope as far as it can go in his/her own direction.
  • One player serves, then either player can hit the ball from that point on.
  • The better rule requires the server to wait until either the opponent strikes the ball or the ball has wrapped four times before she can strike the ball again.
  • For each new game the server may choose to hit the ball in either direction.
  • Players cannot touch the rope.
  • Players cannot step off-side.
  • Players can hit the ball, but not carry or throw the ball.
  • Players cannot double hit the ball.
  • If players grab the pole, they lose immediately.

Four Square

Four Square is a ball game played among four players on a square court divided into quadrants. Four square is usually played with a rubber ball. A player is eliminated when a ball is bounced in a player’s quadrant and the player is unable to touch the ball into another player’s quadrant.

Players may be eliminated from the court because of errors or fouls they commit. Eliminated player leave the court, the remaining players move up to the next highest square, and a new player joins the court in the lowest square. Eliminated players wait in line for their next turn.


  • Failing to hit the ball into another square
  • Hitting the ball out of turn
  • Hitting the ball incorrectly (with fingers pointed up)
  • Hitting the ball out of bounds
  • Letting the ball drop twice on a players own square
  • Hitting the ball straight into another square without letting it bounce first
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