Ernest Manning is a school steeped in athletic tradition. We are in the enviable position of taking from our past and moving forward in a fantastic facility, with an excited and growing student body.

Athletics has a unique and important role to play in helping students develop on a personal level to become all that they can. Whether considering sportsmanship or weighing the needs of others, the building of character is inherent in sport. Some of the most authentic and applicable learning experiences our students can have involve extra-curricular participation.

When you combine talent dedicated teachers, community coaches and high performance facilities you get a recipe for success. Our school is driven by the following statement: "Lead, Learn, Innovate" and our athletic program plays a huge part in doing just that!

Go Griffins!


All of our teams participate in the Calgary Senior High School Athletic Association which believes that interscholastic athletics, as a recognized part of the school program, is educationally sound and will enhance the physical, mental, emotional and social development of young people. The Association promotes safe and fair competition for all students of member schools by offering a balanced program of quality learning experiences in a competitive sporting environment.

Ernest Manning Athletics is on a road to greatness. We have teams and individuals competing in almost every sport the CSHSAA has to offer, and have joined Division 1 competition in most of them. We welcome the challenge and opportunity this will provide. Last year saw our athletes take home highly contested city wide awards in their sports and already this year we have added another. When you combine this type of talent with our hard working teachers and community coaches it is a sure recipe for success.

For the full athletic schedule of upcoming games, visit Calgary High Schools Sports.

The athletic program includes team and individual sports, which run from September to June, including:

Fall (September – Mid November)

Soccer (Girls)
Cross Country

Winter (Late November-Early March)


Spring (Late March – Early June)

Soccer (Boys)
Field Hockey (Girls)
Track and Field

Junior & Senior Teams

Varsity athletics are comprised of Junior and Senior teams. Junior teams are made up of grade 10 and some grade 11 students that might not be ready to compete at the senior level. The focus at the junior level is on skill acquisition and an exploratory experience, through competition. The emphasis at the junior level is on the development of the athlete. As the student athlete matures and reaches the senior level expectations increase as does the level of play. Senior level teams place a higher premium on team success versus development. Often parents and student will inquire about grade 10 student playing on senior teams. This is a very rare case as most grade 10’s lack the maturity physically, emotionally and mentally to handle Division 1 level competition. Student and parents do not determine the level at which their student will participate. This decision is made in consultation between the Athletic Director and the respective sport teams coaches. Any student or parents wanting to make a formal request must approach the Athletic Director.

Tryouts & Team Selection

Tryout and team information will be given in the weeks leading up to the start date of each sport. For fall sports, tryout information will be given on the first day of school. This information, meetings, and try-outs will be communicated through EMTV. Students are expected to get an annual authorized signed by their parents and handed in to the coach before they are allowed to try out. 

Students are permitted to try out for any and all teams. We have many students try out for each team but unfortunately we cannot keep everyone due to the volume to students and limited roster spots for certain sports. Each student will have the opportunity to attend tryouts before any team selection occurs. Team selection is the responsibility of the Head Coach and or Assistant Coaches for each sport. Many factors are involved in determining the selection of the team. These include sport specific attributes: student ability, future potential, the students’ ability to be coachable, attitude, work ethic, sportsmanship, ability to function as part of a team. The actions and behavior of student athletes outside the sport are also taken into consideration. Should a parent have a concern regarding this process or the decision that was made they should contact the school’s Athletic Director.


Each team will have fees associated with them. These fees will vary from team to team. Most team fees will cover the expenses of league play (referees, facility bookings), uniform rentals, photos, equipment, training supplies and substitute coverage costs for teachers. Higher fees are typically indicative of more out-of-town tournaments, team clothing and other team specific opportunities. 

Practice and Game Schedules

Most teams are active before and/or after school, 4-5 days per week. It is a heavy but rewarding experience. Generally speaking, there will be 2-4 practices a week, 1-2 games a week, and tournaments on some weekends depending on the sport. Tryout, practice and tournament schedules will be communicated at the beginning of the season, and all game schedules for all sports are posted at Calgary High School Sports at the beginning of each season. Students should expect to travel on their own to off-site league games for most teams, but will generally travel as a team on a school bus to out-of-town tournaments.

Playing Time

Student playing time is determined by the coach. Playing time is earned and not given. In some contact sports student safety is a primary concern. Should a student have concerns about playing time they should first approach their coach to discuss this matter. As a parent if you wish to engage the coach in a discussion of playing time please make an appointment to speak to your students coach. Should a parent have further concerns they should approach the school’s Athletic Director.

Student Code of Conduct

At Ernest Manning High School student athletes represent our school both in and out of competition. As members of the Calgary Senior High School Athletic Association (CSHAA) we follow the guidelines laid out by its constitution. Students are prohibited from:

  • Engaging in the use of alcohol, illicit drugs or performance enhancing drugs 
  • Demonstrating disrespectful behavior as a participant, spectator, visitor or representative of EMHS 
  • Abusing officials when participating or spectating any sport 
  • Demonstrating obscene gestures to players, coaches, officials or spectators

Students who violate this code of conduct will be suspended from their team by the school’s Athletic Director until disciplinary consequences are determined by the Principal in conjunction with the Executive Director of the CSHAA and or the CSHAA executive.

Night of the Griffin

The Night of the Griffin is our annual athletic recognition event, where we take the time to celebrate student success. All student athletes are recognized for their accomplishments as well as major award winners are highlighted at this event. We encourage student athletes to bring parents and guests to this event. The NOG takes place in early June and communication for this event will come out in May.

Head Coaches, Teacher Sponsors, Community Coaches

As per the Calgary Senior High School Athletic Association constitution the head coach of any team must be a teacher. Teacher sponsors are teachers who fill the role of the teacher while supporting a community coach that may poses the technical knowledge needed to coach the team, in this case the teacher sponsor is the head coach. Teacher coaches and community coaches are all held to the same standard when it comes to code of conduct.


For athletic inquiries please contact Athletic Director Mike Klukas

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