There are many opportunities for students to earn and achieve financial support for post-secondary studies. 

Students should actively seek out and research all available financial support. They can see their guidance counselor for more details. As scholarships and bursaries have firm guidelines and application deadlines, students should leave themselves ample time to complete the application process. Students should make note of all deadlines and ensure they have all documentation in on time. There are many opportunities available for scholarship outside of grade 12 as well. It is never too soon to begin to seek out opportunities and to apply. 

A scholarship is awarded first on the basis of academic achievement while a bursary is awarded primarily on the basis of financial need. Neither has to be repaid. More Information is available from Student Services.

Many post-secondary institutes and scholarship granting agencies, require references. Teachers and administration write many letters for students. Being specific in the purpose of the reference letter and ensuring students allow ample time to
complete the letter is always very helpful and makes for a stronger reference in the end.

Scholarship Meetings

Weekly Scholarship meetings are held on Wednesday at lunch in Room 1400. 
All students are invited to attend.

Scholarship Resumes

Students should begin preparing to apply for Scholarships/Bursaries beginning in Grade 10. All EM students should develop a Scholarship Resume (a Brag Sheet) starting in Grade 10 and continue to add to it all the way through High School. See the Career Practitioner in Room 1400 to get assistance with your Scholarship Resume.

Purpose of a Scholarship Resume

The purpose of a Scholarship Resume is to highlight you and your accomplishments. It should enable you to present yourself in the best possible way to your references, the scholarship committee, to administration for nomination purposes.

Letters of Reference

Students should present a copy of their Scholarship Resume and Scholarship/Bursary criteria to those they are seeking letters of reference from. This will enable those writing the letters to customize and specifically address the criteria of the award students are applying for.

Scholarships/Bursaries Information

  1. Ask your parents/guardians to check their place of employment, unions, professional designations/associations, etc.
  2. Post-Secondary School  websites you are planning to attend. Typically you cannot access these sites until you apply to the school first.
    Scholarships Canada (create a profile)
    yconic (create a profile)
    Alberta alis
    Calgary Foundation
    Student Financial Assistance
  3. Alexander Rutherford Scholarship forms are available in June from Room 1400.
    *Please Note students only apply in Grade 12. This award covers all three grades 10, 11 and 12.

Students seeking financial aid go to Alberta alis. Students seeking financial aid should apply early to allow time for processing and possible appeals to have it reviewed. Forms are available online beginning in June.

Students are encouraged to listen to morning announcements for current Scholarships/Bursaries and to check out D2L under Career Centre for additional Scholarship/Bursary information.

Weekly Scholarship meetings are held on Wednesday at lunch in Room 1400 beginning in September.

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