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March 31, 2022

Spring Break came and went pretty fast for most of us! I hope that the pause offered families and staff time to take a breath and get ready for the big plans we have coming up at Escuela Eugene Coste.

Yesterday we experienced our first “Opera Wednesday”. All students from grades two through five were reorganized and grouped in specific job cohorts led by teachers. As this was our first day, we worked together for 1 hour to orient ourselves and get ready focus on the variety of tasks at hand. Job groups and lead teachers include:

Cast (main, ensemble) – Sra. Paisley

Musicians – Srta. Jenn and Srta. Cecilia

Set Design – Sra. Riquelme and Sr. Reyes

Costumes- Sra. Jackie and Sra. Rumel

Backstage / Journalists- Srta. Monica and Srta. Kelsie

Technology and Special Projects- Sr. Gossen and Srta. Van Eerden

The snapshot above capture some of the work we engaged in with the set design and costume crews. Students shared very insightful ideas around the power of visual art and how this can lift a story (or in this case, a libretto) from the page. We also talked about how as visual artists, we reveal all of the great ideas that we have inside of us. I also have to comment on how gratifying it was to see our students collaborate across grade levels, with different teachers. It is school-wide projects such as this that create a sense of community and belonging. Our students are amazing and it certainly showed yesterday! We will continue to share more as the work to bring “Un lugar así" comes to life.

You're invited to our libretto reveal assembly! Please join us for an informal look into the music that will tell the story of “Un lugar así". We will have our second school-wide assembly of the year on Monday April 4 at 10:30am. Calgary Opera artist in residence Esteban will share this original work with us. As this is an informal student-centered experience, there will be limited seating.

We will also reveal our first ever Escuela Eugene Coste school song! I am so excited about this as it was co-written by one of our very special grade 5 students along with Srta. Monica, Srta, Jenn and Srta. Cecilia. Music and language learning are a perfect pairing and we cannot wait to share this amazing song with our community.


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