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September 8, 2023

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Setting Students Up For Success- Assemblies

This week students enjoyed their very first assembly as a school community for the 2023-2024 school year. At Escuela Eugene Coste we have developed a routine of using the first assembly as an opportunity to learn about what is expected at assemblies. We feel this is important because many of our youngest learners have not had the opportunity to be present in a large audience and may not know what to expect. We also know that some students might struggle with loud noises and large groups of people.

What are some of our assembly expectations?

  • Classes enter and leave the gym quietly
  • Students show expected listening behaviour (looking towards the sharing space, hands to themselves, listening with ears/no talking)
  • We clap with our hands rather than shouting
  • Assemblies have a plan (Acknowledge the Land, O'Canada, Planned Sharing, School Song, Adios)

We shared these expectations as an easy to follow PowerPoint with photos of examples and non-examples of successful assembly and transition behaviour. For example:



By walking students through what they might expect from an assembly and describing the assembly as a routine, we can ensure greater calm and success from all students in what can be a challenging environment.



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