Aug 29
Welcome Back!

Dear Evergreen Families,

Welcome back! We are very excited that the 2022-2023 school year is just around the corner! We hope that everyone had a restful summer spending time with those you love. To all of our returning students and families, welcome back. To our new students and families, welcome to the Evergreen School community. 

We cannot wait for our hallways and classrooms to be filled with students' smiles, laughter, energy, and curiosity as this is the heart of Evergreen School.

Going back to school in September often brings about excitement, happiness, and possibly, some nerves and worries. “Who is my teacher going to be? Will I make friends? Where is the bathroom? Is grade 4 going to hard? Where do I eat lunch?

Ms. Broomfield and I have a little message for any students and families feeling a little nervous about the first day of school and wanted to share a read-aloud titled “First Day Jitters" by Julie Danneberg.  Please click on the link below view.

Welcome to Evergreen!

Aug 15
​Dear Evergreen Students, Staff and Families,

My name is Angela McPhee and it is a privilege to be able to introduce myself to the students, staff and families of Evergreen School as your newly appointed Principal starting in the 2021-2022 school year. As we make this important transition, I am aware of the anticipation that accompanies new leadership in any school. I believe that collaborative relationships, built between students, staff and families, are fundamental to student progress, achievement and well-being. I am committed to listening and learning to continue to build a vibrant and inclusive school culture and strong community school program in Evergreen.

A little about me…

Over the past 20 years I have been committed to student-centered leadership, teaching and learning. After graduating from the University of Alberta with a Master’s in Educational Psychology, I gained valuable experience as a teacher in grades 4 through 9 in Kingston, Ontario, Edmonton, and Calgary. Since being with the Calgary Board of Education, I have gained both school-based and system-based leadership experience as a Learning Leader, AISI Learning Leader, Specialist, Assistant Principal at Janet Johnstone and McKenzie Lake Schools and most recently as the Principal of Haysboro School.

At the core of who I am as an educator is the importance of knowing each student - their strengths, passions, interests and areas for growth. Learning happens through relationships. I am your child’s advocate. I will celebrate your child’s successes, small and large, encourage them every day and make them feel known and valued.

Providing a safe, nurturing and inclusive learning environment where students are engaged in authentic, relevant learning experiences is another of my core beliefs. When students are able to take risks in their learning, make mistakes and build meaningful connections, they develop the attitudes, skills, knowledge and competencies required for life-long learning, well-being and success.

Education is a shared responsibility and collaborative partnerships with families is essential for students to develop social, emotional and academic competencies, achieve their potential and feel successful. You are an integral part of the Evergreen School Community and I look forward to working with you to continue the rich and meaningful work that is on-going at Evergreen School.

I have with Mr. Wilcox and Ms. Broomfield to facilitate a smooth transition to the Evergreen School Community. 

I am excited to partner with the students, staff and families at Evergreen School to continue to build a learning culture that honours the whole-child and fosters curiosity, creativity, collaboration and innovation.

I look forward to learning from and with you and cannot wait to meet you all in the 2021-2022 school year.


Angela McPhee​

Jun 01
Principal Transition


Dear Parents and Guardians, 


Throughout my career, I have embraced opportunities to explore new settings and new challenges.  It is what brought me to Evergreen three years ago, and it is what takes me to a new setting for September 2021The middle school concept has been of interest to me, and the right opportunities do not always coincide with personal timelines.  So, iis with mixed emotions that I announce my acceptance of the principal position at Samuel W. Shaw Middle School.   


Evergreen is a very difficult school to leave.  It is an amazing community to have been involved with and it has been an honour to be the principal of Evergreen for the past three years.  We are blessed with a talented, progressive, unified, and caring staff. They are engaged, supportive, creativeencouraging and have greatly enhanced my ability to perform my responsibilities.  I wish to thank them for their daily commitment to student success in their classrooms.   


To the parents of Evergreen School, I wish to express my gratitude for entrusting me with a role in your child’s learning.  Your commitment to supporting this learning community is evident with your investment of time, energy and resources.  You are an integral part of the learning that occurs at Evergreen, and I thank you for your support in providing meaningful experiences for our students through School Council, Parent Association, fundraising, volunteering, residencies, field trips and celebrations of learning.   


Finally, to the students of Evergreen, your enthusiasm for learning and for life has been a constant source of encouragement for me.  It has been a joy to observe and connect with you in your classrooms, in the hallways, in the lunchrooms or outside on the school grounds.  You are a kind, innovative and courageous group that made every day unique and special.  The masks you wore each day could not stifle or contain your passion for learning and your compassion for one another.   


In the coming days the position of principal at Evergreen will be posted and the CBE Area 6 office would like ​​​​you to provide input for the hiring of this individual.  The survey link was sent directly to you and you can find it on our main webpage under the banner.

will work closely with the individual that is fortunate enough to be selected following the interview process.     



Jason Wilcox 

Principal ​

May 05
May 5th Update

Good morning, the Provincial government announced Tuesday that K-6 students would begin online learning effective Friday, May 7th.  This means that today, Thursday May 6th, will be our final in person learning day and we hope to return on Tuesday, May 25th.  The school office will remain open during this time.   


We are so proud of the way Evergreen School has come together at this difficult time to stay safe, take care of one another, and continue to learn together. It is important to note that we have all done an excellent job of following the safety protocols every day. The students and staff have been diligent to keep their masks on, to practice physical distancing during mask breaks, and to frequently wash their hands and sanitize whenever hand washing is not possible.  Unfortunately, with rising case counts the government has deemed K-6 online as a necessary step to counteract this trend.   


Your child’s teacher and grade teams are busy planning and preparing for this transition.  They will be communicating more details with you today and Friday.   As with the week immediately following the winter break in January where our learners were online, grade 1-4 teachers will be available online approximately 2.5 to 3.5 hours each day providing instruction and support Kindergarten would be online half this time as they attend half days.  It is not the expectation that teachers and students are online with their entire class for the full school day.   


Each teacher will share their schedule directly with families so you can support the online learning of your child.  In addition, teachers will provide independent work times (offline tasks) for students to complete.  Our Music and PE teachers will be added to classrooms as well to support our students at home with Music and PE activities.  It is very important that our students take breaks and get some physical activity throughout the day.   


These are the general guidelines as communicated by Alberta Education and the Calgary Board of Education as we try to balance the needs of families with multiple students in different classes and different schools as well as staff with their own children now at home online learning too.  Over the next two weeks, it is important your child stay engaged with their classmates and teachers, and with their learning.  Encourage them to attend all virtual classes during the scheduled times, access support as needed and complete all their assignments to the best of their ability. 


It is the expectation that attendance is taken in both the am and pm for grades 1-4. If for whatever reason your child will not be participating in online learning on any given day, we would ask that you phone our attendance line and let us know. This is a challenging time for everyone, and we know that you will make decisions that are best for your child and your situation.  We want you to know we are here to support you.   


Some of our students were discussing the positive aspects of being online and they came up with the following: “we don’t have to wear a mask, we can wear our pajamas all day, we can cuddle with our pets and show our classmates our animals in google meet, we can have a hot lunch and we are keeping people safe.”  We appreciate the silver lining message during these challenging times.   


Once again, we thank you for the ongoing support of your children and their teachers, we couldn’t do it without you, and we hope to see everyone back on Tuesday, May 25th. 

Kim and Jason

Mar 01
March 1st Update

Good morning!  It is nice to welcome March and hopefully put the last of the really cold weather behind us. 

Thank-You from The Manor Village at Fish Creek Park

You may recall that our students prepared Valentines for the residents of The Manor Village, and these were delivered to the residents on February 10th.  Last week we received many “thank-yous" from the residence in the form of beautifully handwritten cards addressed to our students expressing sentiments like “bringing smiles to our hearts," “your cards made us feel loved," and your cards “put smiles on all our faces and few teas as well."  Accompanying these were several photographs of the masked residents holding their Valentine's, eyes smiling.  The messages and images brought a profound sense of pride in our students and our learning community who were able to share some joy with our neighbours in what is for many, a difficult and lonely time.  We are showcasing these messages and images in our gathering area for our students to see how their small act of kindness made a huge difference in so many people's lives.  

Learning Conferences 

On March 11th and 12th, our teachers will be hosting virtual individual learning conferences to discuss current learning with families.  The system will be open for booking today at 4:00.  Conferences run for Kindergarten students on Thursday afternoon, Thursday evening and Friday morning.  Conferences for grade 1-4 will occur on Thursday evening and Friday morning.  If you receive this message, you will also receive an email from the booking system directly as another reminder.   

Spring Picture Day 

Thursday, March 11th is our Spring Picture Day hosted by Lifetouch.  This is an opportunity for students that may have missed our fall photo day and for students that have joined Evergreen later in the year to have their photo taken and to be included in our yearbook.  Please note that there will not be class photos (the group together) this year due to our Covid protocols.

Have a marvellous start to March!​

Jan 25
Jan. 25th Update

We have been greeted by a blast of winter to remind us how good we have had it.  Please ensure your children come with winter coats, toques, mittens and snow pants as we will still be heading outside for our breaks (recess/lunch) as long as the temperature is better than -20.  In addition, if you are able, please include an extra mask in your child’s backpack as we have noted that we are supplying a number of masks to students.  We have a limited supply to be used in unexpected situations, and are happy to provide these, but if you are able to provide a back-up mask in your child’s backpack it would be greatly appreciated.   

Hub Update 

Next Monday we welcome back several Evergreen students that spent their first semester learning online.  We are excited to have them join their classmates for the remainder of the school year.  Across the system, close to 3500 students are returning to in person learning in grade 1-12.  As a result, there is some reorganization occurring in the Hub as the staffing needs will be different given these transitions.  Since September, we have had the pleasure of having Ms. Andrews working as Hub 3 teacher out of Evergreen school.  Unfortunately, for the reasons stated above, Ms.  Andrews will not be continuing on with the Hub into semester 2.  We thank Ms. Andrews for her contributions to our community and the communities she served in her Hub 3 classroom.  We wish her every success in the next chapter of her teaching career.    

Report Cards 

Teachers have been busy completing their term 1 Report Cards.  The system will be releasing these digitally the week of February 1st in a reverse alphabetical order according to school name.  Based on that schedule, Evergreen’s are to be available to you on February 4th.  If you do not see the reports in PowerSchool by Friday, February 5th, please reach out to the office so we can support you.  


Kindergarten Registration  

Kindergarten registration for the 2021-22 school year has begun.  With access to the school being limited for everyone’s safety, registration is to be completed on-line.   You can access the registration forms at this link  If you require support or have questions, please contact the school directly. 

Pink Shirt Day 

Pink Shirt Day is our anti-bullying awareness day and this year we will observe it on February 24th.  Teachers will take this work up within their classrooms, and students who wish to are encouraged to wear pink to show their support for one another and to promote kindness.  At our last council meeting a community member inquired about pink Evergreen shirts being available to purchase as they described some challenge in finding a pink shirt for their child to wear to participate in these days.  Further, the idea came forward to have the pink shirt read “Evergreen Cares.”  We have included the link to the store here.  There is no expectation to buy; it is simply an opportunity if you are interested.   

Finally, just a reminder that this Friday, January 29th, is a PD day and there is no school for students.   


Jan 08
Jan. 8th Update

Welcome back! We sincerely wish to thank our teachers, our students and you for engaging in on-line learning this week. As we continue to follow provincial direction, all schools will be resuming in-person classes on Monday, Jan. 11. We are excited to welcome our students back.  The decision to move between scenarios is made by Alberta Education in consultation with the Chief Medical Officer of Health.

Parking & Drop Off

With the heavy snowfall we experienced over the break, we have accumulated snow on the streets in and around the south side of the school.  These plowed snowbanks will create some challenges with drop off and pick-up on the south side of our school.  Thankfully, our bus zone, and drop zone on the east side (front of school) have been cleared allowing clear access to these areas. You may want to allow a few extra minutes navigating these issues next week. 

Daily Health Checklist

We remind everyone entering a CBE school they must monitor for any signs or symptoms of COVID-19. Please complete the checklist each day prior to attending school. If your child has any of the symptoms of illness listed on the Alberta Health daily checklist, please fill out the online Alberta Health Services COVID-19 self-assessment or call Health Link at 811 and keep your child at home. If your child is feeling unwell, they must remain at home. As well, if they have had a COVID-19 test, they must not return to school until they get results, even if they are feeling better.

School Council

Evergreen School council will meet virtually this Wednesday at 6:30.  If you are interested in participating in the meeting, please email to receive the meeting link. 

Physical Education  

Please remember that we will try to do as much of our Phys Ed program outside as we can this year. This provides us all with some much-needed fresh air each day and a mask break as well.  The weather has been outstanding so far and it looks good as we roll into the first part of January. Parents, can you please support your students in having all of the necessary clothing to spend up to 30 minutes at a time outside. This includes proper footwear, snow pants if necessary and coats that block some wind and wet. Also, PLEASE have students pack mittens and hats every day. Morning classes are generally colder than the afternoons, but any day can shift 15-20 degrees in a matter of hours. 

For the week of January 11-15, we may be heading out for some winter walks on our community pathways for some PE classes. Give us a wave if you see us out there!

Ms. Roworth

Kindergarten Registration 2021-22

Kindergarten registration for the 2021-22 school year begins on January 11th.  With access to the school being limited for everyone's safety, registration is to be completed on-line.   The following is the process to register students new to CBE who are Canadian citizens. If you have questions, please contact the school directly.

Required Documentation: For a list complete list of documents, see the last page of the registration form.

  1. Student Registration Form – Dependent Student; Save the file as “New Registration -" followed by the full legal name of the child/student.
  2. Proof of age; Canadian Birth Certificate or Passport.
  3. Proof of address; Drivers Licence of legal guardian.

The subject line of the email is to be “New Registration -" followed by the full legal name of the child/student. For example, if the full legal name of the child is Morgan Aubrey Smith, then the subject line of the email is "New Registration - Morgan Aubrey Smith".

Attach the registration form, proof of address and the proof of age, legal name and citizenship document to the email.

In the body of your email, please indicate your preference for AM or PM kindergarten class placement.  Please note that although we will do our utmost to meet the needs of the families in our community, kindergarten placement in AM or PM is not done on a first come first serve basis nor can we provide any guarantees. 

Until documents can be verified in person at the school, student registration is conditional. In the majority of cases, this will not be done until the health emergency is over.​

Jan 04
Jan. 4th Update

Happy New Year to all!  As you know, the first week after the break is online learning for our students (Jan 4-8th).  The Alberta government wants to allow some extra time out of the school building after the holidays to make sure everyone is healthy and well for the return to school. We hope to return to in-person learning on January 11th.

Your teachers have set up their Google classrooms to prepare for the week.  If you require any assistance accessing, please contact your child's teacher.  We will do our best to troubleshoot password errors to allow your child to access their learning.

Alberta Education has emphasized that schools must take attendance every morning and afternoon.  As such, teachers have scheduled live meet times in the morning and afternoon to facilitate this.  If you are not planning to attend, please contact the attendance line to notify us of the absence 

I know the teachers are looking forward to connecting with their students virtually this week.

Thank you for your ongoing patience and support.

Dec 14
Dec. 14th Update

Normally, December is a month filled with school events as we have an opportunity to enjoy our winter concerts together, participate in the Mayor's Food Drive and share our best wishes of the season with one another.  This year, the absence of these opportunities are profound, but through it all, our classrooms continue to be places of caring and connection.  We are very proud of our students and our learning community as they continue to demonstrate resilience and joy. 

Pajama Day

This Friday is Pajama Day for our AM kindergarten and grade 1-4 students.  Students and staff are welcome to wear their Pajama's to school on December 18th and enjoy some classroom based activities and celebrations.  Our afternoon kindergarten students may participate on Thursday, December 17th, as this is their last day before the winter break.

Online Learning

In accordance with the provincial mandate, for the week of Jan. 4-8th 2021, our students will be learning online.  Evergreen teachers and grade teams have been busy planning and preparing materials for this week.  Teachers will be sharing the specifics with their students and families prior to winter break.  In preparation, it is important that your children and or yourself know how to access their Google Classroom. Please confirm that your students know their username and password.  For our youngest learners, teachers will be sharing this information directly with parents. 

With our current restrictions, our winter break will look different than it has looked before; however, we wish you and your family rest, peace and hope in spite of the challenges all around us.  If you celebrate Christmas, we wish you a Merry Christmas and to everyone a Happy New Year.  Have a safe and happy holiday.​

Nov 30
Nov. 30th Update

Good morning everyone, I am always taken aback how quickly the days, weeks and months go, and this year is no exception as we welcome December this week.  

MRU Student Teachers 

This week is the final week for our MRU Student Teachers.  We know that their thoughtful planning, reflective practice and enthusiasm for teaching have enriched the classrooms they have been working in.   We thank them for all their hard work and energy.   

HUB Conferences 

For our students in the Hub, your learning conferences occur this Thursday and Friday.  You should have received notification of the booking process on Friday from School Conferences.  If you require support, please contact the office. 

Report Cards 

This year, there has been a shift in our Report Card timeline.  At Evergreen, we have often had our first reporting period coincide with winter break.  This year that is not the case as the CBE has aligned our reporting period system wide to support students who may transition from Hub Online Learning to in-class instruction in February.  All CBE report cards will be shared with families February 1-5, 2021. Report Cards will be available digitally again this year.    

PD Day 

Friday is a system PD day so there is no school for students on December 4th. ​

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The Board of Trustees approved the 2021-24 Education Plan and 2023-24 budget at its May 30 regular board meeting. #yycbe

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RT @globalfestyyc: Last week, GlobalFest was a proud participant in the Bob Edwards Diversity and Peace Conference. With the theme of “Acceptance is our Superpower”, GlobalFest was able to host Virgin Radio Host Andrew Uyeno in a classroom discussion about what it means to be biracial.

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