Mrs. Leonard

We have some very exciting news!  In the Learning Commons, there will be an Usborne Book Fair! I LOVE Usborne Books!

Here is a message about the Book Fair.

The Usborne Literacy Fair is


Thursday, March 19th and Friday, March 20th

Throughout parent-teacher conferences

We will be holding an Usborne Book Fair in conjunction with the parent-teacher conferences. Come and see Usborne’s award-winning range of entertaining and educational books for children from toddlers to teens! The range of titles includes arts, crafts, science, history, nature, music, early readers, hobbies, sports, activity kits, adventure stories, sticker books and puzzles. We have many books which complement and enrich the Alberta Curriculum. There will be over 300 books on display, including a selection from the more than 60 new titles released this year, and you will also have the chance to choose from over 1000 titles in the Usborne Catalogue. Rather than taking the books home at once, the books will be ordered and delivered to school approximately 2 weeks later. Come and browse and get to know these outstanding books.

Your purchases will earn 25% of retail sales in free books for use in the school.

FREE BOOK DRAW! Check out our website at

Hello Everyone!

Just a reminder....Swimming starts tomorrow!!  Please send a towel, a plastic bag, and of course their swimsuit with your child :). They are VERY excited!

Hello Everyone!!

**Swimming ability forms have to be turned in to the pools this week!  Please send back the forms to let us know what level of swimming your child is at.  Please also send in the consent forms for your child.  The dates are coming up fast!

Hope you are all doing well and having the opportunity to enjoy this beautiful weather!  

We have been working a lot on our sight words with centres, writing, and of course, reading!  The children take home some of their writing of practicing their words to share with you. The children have been working on their question words, such as where, when, how, why and, of course, what.  The sight words are growing and getting trickier!  The sight words we did last week were:  four, day, today, yesterday and tomorrow.

In math, the children are working on Steve Wyborney's 20 days of inspirational math.  This program is developed by a math professor, and the children love it! This daily activity involves number awareness, estimation and developing mental math strategies.  We are also refining our addition, subtraction, writing numbers and words for numbers.

In Social studies, we are working on Mapping! The children are creating a "book" about where we live.  

In Science, we are looking at the senses and looking at needs of animals and plants.

On Friday, we are planning to take a nature walk to Fish Creek to explore our senses, and look for evidence of animals.

**On the horizon:

Thursday, Feb 27: fun Subway fun lunch

Friday, Feb 28:  Walk to fish creek

Valentine's Day on Wednesday!

Hello Everyone!

We are going to be celebrating Valentine's Day this Wednesday.  If you wish, your child is welcome to bring Valentines to hand out.  If you would like, your child can sign each Valentine, or, they can address each child.  We have 22 children in our class and I do ask that the children bring cards for everyone in the class.

Here are the names of the students in our class:























What a fantastic week!

We have been loving the Sound Kreations program!  The children put together dances with Josh, and performed for each other.  The dances were filmed today, so the videos will be put on the big screen in our Gathering Space during Student-led conferences.  

This week, we have been working on our writing stamina!  The children are going to be aiming for increasing the amount of writing they can attain.  The children are becoming more and more confident to write words on their own.  

In math, the students have been creating their own number lines to use in class for various math strategies.  They have been refining their doubles to ensure they have a solid foundation for mental math strategies.

In Science, the children have been studying bears!!  They have been doing drawings of bears, and learning about the diet, habitat, and interesting facts about bears.  The children will be doing non-fiction writing this coming week.

From the Gym:

Our students have been working hard and enjoying our 2 week Sound Kreations Hip Hop Residency with Josh. This Friday will be a chance for classes to informally share their new skills and celebrate with their peers in a 1-2 minute dance. In order to fit a dance floor and all the student audience, there is not sufficient room in our gym to invite parents to the live performance. Not to worry though! The performance will be videotaped and shared with parents at the upcoming Student Led Conferences. 
Thank you to Parent Council for supporting this residency and to all the students for their incredible energy and enthusiasm during this program!

Ms Roworth and Mr. Josh

What a wonderful day to be outside!

The children really enjoyed being outside today!  We do love our outside time and looking at the seasonal changes.  

We are practicing our doubles work! Grade ones are looking at how doubles are helpful for mental math strategies and ensuring accuracy.  The children made a doubles book and were bringing them home. We will continue our work on doubles and looking at patterns as we get into bigger numbers.

In literacy, we are practicing our sight words and reading daily! The children are growing so much!  I really love watching them grow in their reading!

Our school is very fortunate to have Raz Kids (also available through Kids A-Z) memberships!  Thank you so much to the parent council!  Each child has access to this amazing program.  I showed the children how to log in to the program and sign in.  I have sent home the parent letter, which has the sign in information on it.  If you need any help, please don't hesitate to email me :) . It is a really great reading program, and I really love it!  I have asked the children to read on this program too, along with home reading if they can.

Sound Kreations dance program has been so great, and the children have a few more days to learn some amazing dance moves.  The children are doing so well!

Just a couple of notes...

I have a lot of children who love to share-which is great for developing public speaking!  However, I have a lot of children who are bringing in toys.  I know that these toys are special to them, andI worry about them getting lost, damaged, or broken.  As well, they can be very distracting.  I love watching sharing, so I have asked the children to share something they have made, or pictures of things that are special, instead of bringing things in.  You are always welcome to send me a picture through email.

What a huge difference the week has made!

We are so excited to be able to play outside!!  The warm weather makes us all very happy!

The children are continuing their work on addition and subtraction.  When we do these activities, they are able to do the "mild" version and a "spicy" version, which is a more challenging version.  The children are also doing some mental math very regularly.  We talk about things like:  How many legs are there?  There was an octopus, a dog, a person and a cat :) How many legs are there?  The children enjoy doing this!  

In writing, we have been doing a lot of journaling!  Today, the children wrote about themselves...what they want to do when they grow up, where they want to live and why..

In Science, the children have been learning and writing about Snowshoe Hares.  They love learning about animals!  We look at the habitat, diet, predators, and special features to allow hares to survive in the harsh conditions of winter.

In Social, the children are still learning about mapping! But..our mapping got a little interrupted!!!

We have been drawing winter scenes-and they are BEAUTIFUL!  I am so proud of these! We will be doing a second copy to hang outside of our classroom :)

We do guided reading in our classroom every day-and I usually read with 6-8 students a day in small group settings-I love reading with the children.  I do send home small books for the children and I completely understand if things get busy, and the you don't get a chance to read.  If you can read as much as possible, that would be amazing, and very beneficial for your child.  If the small books don't come back to the school, please don't worry-bring them back another time!  

BRRRR!!!  What a cold week!

We had all blue days, but we made it work, and we ended up having a great week!

The children have been looking at various strategies to add and subtract numbers.  We have been practicing mental math strategies and figuring out ways to do these operations in our minds.

In Science, the children have been looking at Snowshoe Hares and Bobcats!  They have been sketching them and learning about where they live and how they survive.  This coming week, we will be doing more science related writing.  

In writing, the children had the opportunity to word build by decomposing the word hot chocolate.  I found it amazing how many words they could come up with. 

In art, the children have been learning about Bob Ross!  We have been following  painting instructions for a beautiful scene!  They are going to be finishing them this coming week.

In Social, the children have been learning about mapping! 

The sight words this week are:

make, will, was, here and came.

Have a great weekend!  

Here is a message from our amazing Parent Council:

"Movie Night! Come in your pajamas and join us for the movie "Abominable" on Thursday, January 30! Tickets available through your healthy hunger account Doors open at 6pm, the movie starts at 6:30pm. A candy concession will be available. All children must come with adult supervision. If you're able to volunteer please sign up at

Welcome back, Everyone!!

I hope you had a really wonderful holiday!  It was so great to see the children again-I really missed them.  I know that they are settling back into routine, as I am too!

We are continuing our work learning our sight words, word building and using various strategies to refine our word decoding.  We do guided reading a lot, and I love seeing how proud the children are of their growth!

In math, we are continuing our work of addition.  This week, the children are looking at subtraction and mental math strategies.  The children are also looking at how numbers are even or odd, and the many ways that a number can be represented.

In Science, we are looking at Hares this week!  The children are looking at how the Hares change for winter, and how they can survive the cold temperatures. 

In Social, we are going to be looking at how to read maps! We will be creating our own maps of the classroom and community.  

**Reminders:  please ask your child to bring their home reading books on a daily basis.  I do remind them to exchange them at school too.

**Library book exchange will continue to be on Tuesdays

**Please have your child dress for the weather.  We do love to go outside to have some fun time in the snow-unless it is colder than -20.  It is supposed to be so cold this coming week!

Thank you for all of your support-I am so privileged to be part of your child's learning journey

Happy Monday, everyone!

Hope you are all doing well.  We are on the final week to Winter Break, and the children have been working hard-both for the concert and with learning.

We have been looking at solving math problems.  The question on Friday was:

Mrs Leonard wants to make Gingerbread cookies for the class. There are 5 smarties needed for each cookie.  If there are 22 children in the class, we will need 22 cookies.  How many smarties will Mrs Leonard need to buy?  

The children used amazing strategies to figure this out!  I saw children using tally marks, drawings, and counting by 5's.  We had a lot of great discussions :)

In Writing, the children are looking at keeping spaces between their words, sounding out words, Today, the children read "If Kids Ran the World".  This beautiful story looks at how the world would be so caring and nurturing-all children would be able to go to school, everyone would have enough medication, enough food, and everyone would have homes.  The writing we did today was based on the book.  The children wrote about:  If I could have one wish for the season, it would be..

The children wrote beautiful words, such as:

-peace for everyone

-happiness to everyone

-a clean ocean 

-food and homes for everyone

I am always amazed at how caring the children are and how deeply they think of others.

In Science, the children are learning about how some animals hibernate.  We did an experiment about how our heart rates change.  The children learned about how a bear's heart rate will reduce to 8 beats per minute when they are hibernating!  

Upcoming Dates:

Kernels Fun Lunch:  December 18th

Caroling and Handbells Performance:  10:30

Early Dismissal:  11:50

Winter Break until January 5

Hello Everyone!

I hope you are all doing well-and keeping healthy!  I have finally recovered from my illness and I am so happy to be back.  I guess it is that time of year!

Please find the schedule of our Winter Concert below :) . It is SUCH a beautiful event, and we always have a big turnout in the crowd, so that is why we have an evening show and an afternoon shows.  If your child can make it to the evening show, that would be wonderful-but we know that families are busy.

**We are collecting food for the Mayor's Food Drive at the Winter Concert.  We will have boxes in our Open Area for non-perishable items :)

Here is the message from Miss Bell:

Oh the weather outside is getting frightful, so it must be time for our Winter Concert! Kindergarten, Grade 1 and Grade 2 are proud to present Flakes! There are four different performances on Wednesday, December 11 and Thursday, December 12, so please look at the chart below for your child’s class. Each class will perform in one show on the evening on December 11, and one show during the day on December 12. Please have your child to school 20 minutes before their show. Write these dates in your calendar, you won’t want to miss it!


Wednesday, December 11

Thursday, December 12

Early Show (5:30pm)

AM Kinder



Early Show (10:30am)

AM Kinder



Late Show (7:00pm)

PM Kinder



Late Show (2:00pm)

PM Kinder





**Thank you so much for coming in to meet me this past week!  It is SO nice to meet you and work together to make grade one a great experience for these amazing children :)

We had such a great day!

We are working on place value, adding and breaking down numbers.  The children have been doing centres and refining their knowledge through games.  

The children have continued their work through writing independently.  They have really been focusing on remembering to put spaces between their words.

We work on our sight words on a daily basis, and I am so proud of how many words they know!

We are practicing our Winter Concert daily-and the children sound SO great!  I love listening to them :)

**Our concert is December 12th!  We will keep you very updated-as we know how special these programs are :)

Thank you to our Evergreen families and parent council...because of you...the grade 2s were able to reach their goal of raising $1200 to fill 50 children's backpacks with mittens, toys, craft supplies, etc. for Stephen's Backpack Society.  These backpacks will be picked up and delivered to children living at the numerous shelters in and around Calgary.

Thank you all for your support with the Stephen's Backpack program!  We are so grateful for all of your generosity!  

We had a great Monday!  

We had music today-and the children are practicing their songs for the Christmas Concert!

The students continue their daily work on Sight Words and I am so proud of how hard the children work on their reading.

In math, the children have been decomposing numbers into their place value.  For example, we have been talking about how many tens and ones are in a number, such as 54.  There are 5 tens and 4 ones.  Hence, 54, in expanded form is 50+4. 

The children wrote about their weekends this morning.  I always love to hear about their weekend adventures. The children love to share what they are doing.

**Sign up for parent-teacher interviews is open for registration.  

**Book orders are due this Friday.

**School picture orders are available online-and they have a lot of extra options for backgrounds too

Have a wonderful week, everyone!

We have been doing a lot of word building and the children have been loving it!  Word building means to break down each sound in a word.  For example, the word cheek, we sound out /ch/ then, /ee/, then /k/.  The students have been working really hard at this, and I am so proud of them.  The children are growing in their reading skills by practicing their sight words songs.  I had sent home a "Ride the Wave" page.  This page is double sided and there are a LOT of words.  Please don't feel like you have to do all of them right away.  A few words a night is fantastic!  If your child is confident in their reading of these words, they can practice spelling them too.  

We have been working a lot on our number awareness in math.  The children have been doing a lot of skip counting by 2,s, 5's, and 10's.  This will help to prepare them for multiplication, and looking for patterns to remember the words.

The students have been doing a lot of splat math too!  This is like a form of pre-algebra!  The children see a number of dots on the smartboard.  Then, some are covered up, and they need to figure out how many dots are covered up.  I.e.  There are 14 dots on the board, then, with a splat, 8 are many dots are under the splat?  The children have been working on addition, subtraction, and counting up to figure out what number is missing.

In Science, we have been looking at Canada Geese and how they are ready to migrate!  The children had a lot of stories about Canada Geese!

Thank you for your support with our Stephen’s Backpack toy and book sale.  We have raised approximately $800.  This year, the grade 2’s volunteered to fill 50 backpacks, giving us the opportunity make 50 homeless children very happy.  Unfortunately, this year we have only raised enough to fill 32 backpacks and are short approximately $400.  This is why we need your help!  If all the students in our school donated $1, then we would be able to fill all 50 backpacks!  We will be accepting donations until Friday, November 15th!  Thank you in advance for your help!

**Tomorrow (November 7th) is our Used Book and Toy Sale!  If you would like to, your child is welcome to bring money to buy something.**

Fun lunch is tomorrow too!  What an exciting day!

Happy Monday, Everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, and had a great time Halloweening!

What a busy week we have ahead of us :)

The Stephen's Backpack book and toy sale is coming this Thursday!  If you have any gently used toys and books that you would like to donate to the cause, you are more than welcome to bring them in up until Thursday.  Then, on Thursday, the sale will take place in the Common Area.  Your child is welcome to bring money to buy things at the sale.  The items are sold for up to $5. The money earned will be to buy items to fill backpacks for children in need.  If you would like to learn more, you can see more information at

On Friday, we have our Remembrance Day assembly at 10:40.  Everyone is welcome.

Our sight words this week are:

ball  you . do . did .  help

said .  book .  car   house . but

October 28th

What a chilly day!!  We had indoor recess today for both lunch time and afternoon!

The children are diligently working on their sight words.  This week, our new words are: she, are, go, going, at

We were discussing fun ways to practice their words.  The children learned about a game named "SPLAT!"  They love the game and it is very easy to put together!  The children also practice singing the sight words songs from Jack Hartman-these can be found on You Tube-and they are very memorable for the words.

In math, we have been looking at various ways to build ten!  The children are learning how to add, and how to break numbers down.  The children have been learning how to estimate how many objects there are.  This has been very fun!

In art, the children are piecing together their own version of "Brown Bear, Brown Bear".  The students are very proud of them :)

In Science, we have been looking at the cycle of a pumpkin!  Did you know that they are green when they are on the vine?  The children loved learning about this :)

Upcoming Events:

October 31:  Halloween-children can wear costumes

November 1: PD Day-no school for children

October is going by so quickly!

We are having so much fun with our sight word practice!  The children learned how to make fortune teller paper projects to help with practicing sight words.  Every day we are practicing the words at school, and the children are getting in the routine of taking books home to read.  If the blue folders stay at's ok!  I understand how busy families are.  I have been reminding children to bring the blue folders every day.

The new sight words this week are:  blue .   we    be .   he .  me . Mom

We have been working on word building strategies.  Word building means to be talking very a robot, to figure out the sounds in the words.  The children are learning to do this on their own-and I am so proud!


Picture Day is Thursday, October 10th!

October 7th

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

We sure had a great day!  We are working on mixing colours in Science.  The children read the book called"Mouse Paint" and it is such a great story about colour mixing!  We then experimented with colour to see what colour combinations can create.  The children are learning about plants-what do plant need to grow and live?  What is so important about plants?

In math, we are working on our number awareness.  We are refining our counting and writing skills to ensure our numbers are facing the correct way.

In Social, we are beginning sharing of our family and our pets.  Your child is welcome to share pictures of their families :)

It is amazing how proud they are of their families.   

In writing, we are creating a class book about what they are thankful for!!  I was so proud of the children and the things that they thought of that they are thankful for :)

On the Horizon:

Oct 10th (Thursday) is Picture Day

Oct 11th-PD Day -no school for students

Oct 14th-Thanksgiving Day-no school for students

October 3, 2019

We were having so much fun in the snow and the sun at recess!!  The children definitely love playing together to build with the perfect snow.  We have many snowmen on the school field.

We have our first fun lunch of the year tomorrow!  Coco Brooks pizza is the first lunch, and a big thank you to our parent council for always organizing this for us. Fun lunches are ordered through the Healthy Hunger website.  You can order far in advance if you would like!

Today, we read a book called One.  This is an amazing book about standing up for ourselves and for others.  It is an amazing use of colour and imagery to show how words can hurt someone, or make them feel deflated.

We have been working on this week's sight words:  and .  the .  school .  yellow . red

Today, the children made the words using play-doh.  The children also worked on the October page in their visual journals.  

The class has been refining their number formation.  The children worked hard to ensure the numbers were in the correct shape and direction.

We have been speaking about what we are thankful for!  The children had the most heartwarming responses today!  We will be making a book about our thankfulness.

On the Horizon:

Oct 3:  Fun lunch

Oct 10:  Picture Day

Please see the message below about ordering fun lunch.  This is such a great program, all put together by our parent council :)


Healthy Hunger will once again be coming to your school and classrooms this year. 

Can you please put on your blogs:

“Healthy Hunger is happening again this year. Sign up to order lunches for your child(ren) on the selected days. Orders can be done for the year, or month to month. Healthy Hunger is also where you will register for some school events like Movie Night (first one is Toy Story 4 on Oct 10!)

Please sign up at

Important Dates:

Monday, September 30th is ORANGE SHIRT DAY!

October 3rd-  Coco Brooks Pizza Day

October10th- Picture Day

October 11th-  PD Day- No School for Students

We had such a great day!

We did a leaf exploration!  We thought we'd better do that before the snow flies!  We gathered leaves, and drew them with detail.  We looked closely at the colours that are in the leaves.  We measured the leaves, discussed what we liked about the leaf that we chose.  

Our sweet Mrs J (our EA) is going to Texas for a few months.  The children made her a beautiful book of a page from each child explaining what is special about Mrs J.  The book was SO heartwarming.  The children really adore her.

Tuesdays are going to be our Library day on a regular basis.  The children can take 2 books out at a time.  If they are finished their books early, they are welcome to exchange them earlier than that.  

We are writing on a daily basis, and the children are working so diligently on their letters and spelling!  I am so proud of them!

We are always developing our sight word knowledge.  The sight words this week are:

and   the   school   red    yellow

the other weeks are:

I   am   like   play  to

a   my   here    it    is

The poems that come home every week always have the sight words in them.  Your child can read the poems to you  :)

I appreciate all of your support.  I know that September is a big change for a lot of families :)

My blog is working again!!!  Thank you all for your patience :)

Today, we watched a video about Terry Fox and how his foundation helps so many people.  OUR TERRY FOX IS TOMORROW (Wednesday, September 24th).  The weather may a bit cool, so please have your child dress for the weather.  If you would like, we are collecting twonies for the Cancer Foundation.  Your child is welcome to bring the twonie to school this week.  Our goal is to raise $1000!  

Hello Parents!

Thank you so much for attending our Open House!  For the families that weren't able to make it, please don't hesitate to make another appointment-I completely understand how busy families are, especially this time of year.  I love to see how excited children are to show their parents what they have been working on :)

Hello Parents,

I hope you are all having a great week so far!  I just wanted to remind everyone that tomorrow is the SOGO program that is outdoors in the morning.  Please send your child with weather appropriate clothing.  There is a chance that it may rain.

I am really looking forward to seeing you on Thursday evening for the open house!!  That is this week at 6:00-7:30.

Thank you again!

Diana 🙂

Dear parents, I am sorry, I have not been able to update my blog-it has not been accessible to many staff due to a technical issue.  The update today is being put through a support contact. Please feel free to email me anytime at with any questions you may have.

Today, we practiced our sight words using "Magic Words". The children will bring some home tomorrow to show you their magic 🙂

The class has been very busy learning about various patterns!  The children have been creating patterns using blocks, colours and paper.  This will later translate to number patterns.  The children have been practicing skip counting with 10's and looking at what patterns they notice with those numbers.

In writing, the students have been refining their letter formations.  They have been looking at how upper case and lower case letters are different.  As well, they have been practicing their best letters!

In art, the children have been working on a self-portrait that we will be displaying in the hallways for our Open House.

*I have sent home a ME in a bag assignment.  The children are to bring 5 things that represent themselves to share with the class. Please, no breakable things, or things of value 🙂 . The children are more than welcome to bring in or send pictures through my email.  The children are sharing these-a few every day, so please send them next week if possible .  I am so excited to see them!

**In your child's backpack, in the blue folder, there is a Parent Viewpoint.  Please fill these out when you have a moment and send them in to me.  

I am looking forward to getting to know your child this year-and I am so excited to teach grade one!!!

Thank you for all of your support at this very exciting time for your child!  I know that they are very tired in the afternoons!

Diana Leonard 
Grade 1 Teacher
Evergreen School 


My blog is now up and running :)

Thank you all for such a wonderful first week!

I am so delighted to have such a lovely group of children in our grade one class.

We have had such a great week establishing routines, getting used to full days, getting to know one another and learning some new concepts!  We have been playing cooperation games to create friendships and harmony in our space.

We have been working on our rhyming and movement skills in our morning routine.  

Some news:

Children have taken home a package, which has some important forms in an envelope.  Please fill out the forms and return as soon as possible.  The blue folder is for our communication, so I will be sending things home in this.  Please have your child bring this blue folder back daily.  Please feel free to email me if you ever need to get a hold of me at 

**A friendly reminder:  we have children in the school that are highly allergic to peanuts and/or other nut products.  We are keeping our school nut free to ensure that we can keep everyone safe (this includes Nutella please).

I am really looking forward to working with you all this year!!

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