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French Immersion FAQ

Dear Parents,


In response to the questions that came forward at our Open House at F. E. Osborne School on February 28, 2019, we have created the following FAQs. We hope that they will provide answers to many of the questions that you have as we integrate a new French Immersion Program into F. E. Osborne School. If you have new questions that have not been addressed here or further questions that arise as you read our FAQs, please do not hesitate to contact Ruth Radetzky, our Acting Assistant Principal for French Expansion in Area I, at




What are your school hours for 2019-2020?


Regular School Hours 2019-2020
Monday-Thursday: 8:10 a.m. to 2:40 p.m.
Friday: 8:10 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.


If a student from a French Immersion school outside the designated attendance area would prefer to come to F. E. Osborne for Grade Six, would that be possible? 


As with all schools, providing there are space and resources, we will be open to considering students who do not reside in the designated areas for the FEO FI program. The principal would consider each registration request outside the designated attendance area on a case-by-case basis in consultation with the Area Director.


Would Grades 6 and 7 students be able to access the Tuscany-Varsity bus to get to and from school next year?


It is possible for you to request access to yellow school bus transportation for your child as a conditional rider. As per the CBE Student Transportation Guide, page 3, students can apply as a conditional rider to access yellow school bus transportation. A conditional rider is a student living within a school’s walk zone or not attending a designated school who wishes to access CBE transportation on the condition that there is an existing suitable bus stop and space available on the bus. Conditional ridership: 

•       is not guaranteed;

•       must be applied for every year;

•       applies to siblings of students in an alternative or complex learning needs program where the sibling is not attending their designated school;

•       applies to siblings of students in a complex learning needs program when for family reasons the parent wishes all siblings to use the same method of transportation to the same school, and all siblings are designated to the school; and

•       applies to students who prefer to walk to a bus stop, even though they are not eligible for transportation.


In order to ride the yellow school bus, conditional riders must: 

•       be approved by CBE Transportation Services; and 

•       pay the full transportation fee (i.e. not eligible for fee waivers).


Parents must have alternate transportation arrangements in place until approval is received and in case registration is not approved. Approval cannot always be granted before the start of school. Transportation Services will send you an email once space is confirmed. 


You may be interested to know that there will be a bus travelling into the community of Tuscany to go to Varsity School for the 2019-20 school year to allow the current grade 4s who will be grade 5s in 2019-20 to finish out their schooling and avoid them needing to change schools twice in 2 years. However, that also means that there will be no yellow bus service into Tuscany headed into Varsity area commencing the 2020-21 school year.


The CBE believes that Calgary Transit is a safe mode of transportation for students. Many CBE students in Grade 6 to 9 have successfully made the transition to Calgary Transit with over two dozen CBE middle schools and all CBE High Schools currently assigned to Calgary Transit for transportation. Students often find it easier to get to a bus stop that is closer to home than a yellow school bus stop and enjoy a more flexible schedule because there is more than one bus available throughout the day. This mode of transportation is also used by students of other school boards.


What about class size and grade configurations? What is the cut-off point for having two classes for each grade at FEO? When will the district have an idea of how many classes of Grade 6 and Grade 7 will run at FEO?


Determinations about the number of classes and the class sizes will be made by the school administration based on the projected enrolment, and may be adjusted later when actual enrolment is known. This is the standard process that occurs in every CBE school.


Will there be separate schools for French and English or will they be integrated?


Instruction in French will take place in individual classrooms at each grade level. French Immersion classrooms will be integrated in the same area of the school by grade. In the spirit of creating a cohesive school environment, French classrooms will be located next to their English counterparts.


Will there be separate assemblies, celebrations and special events?


Assemblies, celebrations and special events will take place in English and French as we build a cohesive multilingual (French and English) community at F. E. Osborne School. Celebrating French traditions and events such as Carnaval will be part of the French Immersion learning experience at FEO.


What about school displays?


Displays around the school will be in French and English. Learning Commons resources will be in English and French, and with funding available for resourcing our new French Immersion program, we will ensure that high quality French learning materials are available for all students at F.E. Osborne School.


How will field trips be organized?


Field trips will take place in English and/or French depending on the academic purpose of the activities and the availability of French speakers and resources at the chosen sites. Teachers and students in French Immersion will speak French on these trips when and wherever possible.


Is the focus on art, technology and citizenship as strong in the French program?


Yes, the only difference between programming in our community and French Immersion programs is that teaching and learning take place in French in the French Immersion program. With the exception of French Language Arts, the programs of study are the same for Math, Science, Social Studies, English Language Arts, Physical Education, Music and Fine Arts.


What about classroom processes and agendas?


Classroom processes and agendas are determined by teachers in collaboration with their colleagues and in alignment with the expectations of the programs of study for all students, whether they are learning in English or French.


Will Grade Six and Seven students have lockers?


Yes, Grade Six and Seven students will share a locker with a classmate.


How are you planning to integrate incoming students and the new French Immersion program?


This work has already begun through our School Orientation and Open House on February 28th where parents and students were welcomed to our school community and offered school tours to familiarize themselves with the school environment and offerings. This work will continue throughout the spring with school administration visiting current schools as well as into the new school year. Specific activities will be organized to support students in connecting to the school community.




Will school council be the same with two programs?


F. E. Osborne School Council will meet and function as a cohesive group advocating for all students and programming at F. E. Osborne School. Please join us:


School Council Dates for 2018-2019:

·         April 15, 2019 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

·         June 3, 2019 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Where is the qualified staff going to come from? What will the quality of French instruction be like?


The CBE has a team of educators assigned to teacher staffing whose role is to interview and procure teachers to meet the demands of regular, alternative and specialized programming within the CBE. As part of the process, recruiters travel across Canada and around the globe to interview potential teachers who have second languages including French, Spanish, Mandarin and German to teach in our immersion and bilingual programs. This is an ongoing process each year to meet current and future programming needs in the system.


The CBE is actively hiring well-qualified K-12 French teachers and is able to meet the demand for French teachers to fill vacant positions within the CBE. Our recruitment of graduates from across Canada provides our system with excellent teachers who can teach in our French Immersion/French Second Language programs. For our two new French Immersion programs at Tuscany School and F. E. Osborne School, 50% of the staff will be hired in the early spring of 2019 and the other 50% will be hired through the annual staffing processes in May and June.


All teachers in the CBE access professional learning in high-impact pedagogical strategies for teaching and learning. In addition, our second-language teachers access professional learning in second-language pedagogy such as Content and Language-Integrated Learning, the Neurolinguistic Approach and Inclusion in Second-Language Contexts.


Teachers on continuous contract with the CBE who have taught for 2 or more years in their current location have the opportunity to apply for position vacancies each year. For these continuous contract teachers, decisions about whether to remain at a school or apply to a new school are individual decisions, just as some teachers can decide each year to retire or take a leave of absence. School principals work with teacher staffing recruiters each spring to determine teacher needs based on the enrolment projections for the following school year. This same process occurs when new programs are offered at a school for the first time.


Will the students get to visit the school before September? When do the students get to come and check out this awesome school?


Students had the opportunity to visit F. E. Osborne School on February 28th during our school orientation. F. E. Osborne staff will also visit students at Varsity Acres School, Banff Trail School and King George School to learn more about their current school context and welcome them to F. E. Osborne School.


What is the current enrolment capacity at F. E. Osborne School?


F. E. Osborne School has a capacity of approximately 735 students. For the 2018-2019 school year, there are 460 students registered in our programs.  Our projected enrolment for 2019-2020 is 535 students.


Will bussing fees apply for students in French Immersion?


Information regarding transportation fees for the French Immersion program can be accessed through the following link:


Currently alternative programs such as French Immersion are serviced through a congregated stop model. This means that stops may be beyond a walkable distance for students.  Access and supervision to, from and at the bus stop are a parental responsibility.


What about lunchroom and other fees?


Noon hour supervision is required for students in Grades 1-6. For the 2018-2019 school year, the annual fee for this service is $265.00. This fee is consistent across the system and is determined as part of the spring budget process.  Students in Grade 7 are charged an “incidental lunchroom fee” of $30.  This fee is used to provide equipment for students to access over the lunch hour.


Individual fees may be charged for special events, complementary courses and field trips.


Where will Grade Six students eat lunch?


Grade Six students will eat lunch in their classrooms at the same time as all other classes in the school. Students will be supervised by lunchroom staff while they eat lunch and when they are outside over the lunch hour.


Can Grade Seven students go off campus at lunch?


Yes, Grade Seven students may go off campus at lunch.  If they choose to stay in the school over the lunch hour, they will eat in the cafeteria.



What about Outdoor School?


We are planning to offer Outdoor School in Grade Six at F. E. Osborne School for the 2019-2020 school year.


What other special programs does the school offer?

Students in Grades 7-9 at F. E. Osborne participate in Science Fair, FEO Market, Invention Convention, Dance, Drama and Video-game Making. Quebec, Disneyland Band and West Coast Sailing trips are also available to our students.


What are the extracurricular activities and clubs that are offered?

F. E. Osborne School currently offers Foods Club, Chess Club, Intramurals and Basketball Club and Video-Game Making.  Extracurricular activities include cross-country, soccer, volleyball, basketball, badminton as well as track and field.  Students from Grade 6 on can try out for teams at FEO.


What types of special events and programs does F. E. Osborne have planned for the year?


 As discussed at our evening Open House, special events and extracurricular activities will be planned collaboratively with all our school community members. Specific planning will take place this spring with our School Council and all parents are encouraged to join us in this work.​


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