Nov 22
Storytelling Success!


I would like to thanks all our families who came out to our storytelling evening. We appreciate the strong support you gave to our group of storytellers and to the individual tellers that performed in the classroom. We were also fortunate to have the amazing experience of working with Mr. Jeff Stockton who carefully guided our students as storytellers; teaching strategies for language learning as well as developing confidence.

The art of storytelling has many benefits to students who are developing language skills. When students create a story that requires a performance, they learn to add rich vocabulary and sequence events in a way that allows the audience to be drawn into the story. The story as a performance needs expression, actions and different voice tone. Student develop confidence in sharing their work and coaching each other to enhance the presentation.

Our students developed confidence in their performance and their ability to create a piece of work that they could share with their families. We will continue to use these skills and strategies throughout the year as students develop their story writing and telling skills.

We enjoyed seeing many of our families during student led conferences. Learning about how your child is progressing is so important to your child’s success throughout their schooling.

Our swimming is well underway and we are looking forward to Alien In-line skating during the month of December. If your child has a CSA approved helmet, they can wear it for inline skating.

Check out the pictures on this site that shows the wonderful work that is happening in the Learning Commons. Solving problems is the key to great work in the Commons and students are busy solving math problems, robotics problems, science problems and problems that develop in a good story. The look on a child’s face when they solve a difficult problem and acquire new understanding is priceless!​


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