May 12
A Message from Mr. Hillas

Dear Falconridge families,

​I wanted to start off this message with a heartfelt thank you for all of the dedication, care and support you are offering your children during our recent transition around learning.  The thoughtfulness you display in reaching out to access technology, sitting alongside your children to get them going and the regular check ins with both them and our staff are deeply appreciated. 

Our staff continue to focus strongly on our school development goals relating to literacy and wellness.  During the times of online learning this looks different, but still, so many of the amazing practices of intentional work, small groupings and student check ins live in our classrooms.  Our staff are continuing to create opportunities that are meaningful and intentional to focus on student wellness at both a class and an individual student level.  We look forward to sharing celebrations from all of this work in coming updates! 

We are working closely with the team at Terry Fox School around the transition for our Grade 6s to their learning community for those who will be attending in Grade 7.  Please keep an eye out for messages relating to important dates/opportunities relating to this transition in the coming weeks.  We also will be working with our Grade 6 team to find the best way to celebrate this exciting transition for these leaders from our school.

We also will be sending out messages in coming weeks to families who are joining our learning community with Kindergarten students starting in August 2021 J  For those of you already with our community, we look forward to adding additional children from your families to our learning community if they are starting Kindergarten this year. 

On a personal note, I am incredibly humbled and excited to join the Falconridge School family.  The staff here are deeply committed to the success of our students and the students in our school are kind, thoughtful, curious and caring which shines through every single day.  We will continue to work together to have honest conversations, support student learning and find the fun and joy along the way. 

Lastly, we are extremely proud of the work that our students and staff so far this.  The days are busy and we know how many things are demanding our time, but if you can spare a few minutes, take a walk with your child, sit down with them on the couch and talk to them about how the school year has been so far and what they are excited about in the final weeks.  We trust it will be time well spent for you and for your child.

Stay well and as always please do not hesitate to reach out if you have questions that we can support as a school


Jesse Hillas


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