Jun 24
Year End Message

​Dear Falconridge Families, 


I want to take a moment as we end this school year to share a few thoughts with you as we celebrate our current year and look forward to a new year ahead. 


I must start by thanking each and every member of our staff for their tireless work this year supporting not only the learning of students in our school but also their safety each and every single day.  Each and every member of our team provides expertise, support and guidance in our building and without them our school would not be the caring, welcoming and amazing place that it is to learn and work.  We are so incredibly proud of our team and hope you join us in that level of pride and appreciation. 


For you as families we also wish to extend our heartfelt thank you.  First a thank you for trusting your children with us each day and also a thank you for the ways in which you have supported us a school.  Our school is truly a community and one that is deeply strengthened by the families with whom we partner in support of student success.    


Lastly, the students at Falconridge School were truly exceptional!  Your hard work, kindness and enthusiasm make our school a vibrant and diverse learning community that we deeply love.  You have overcome a great deal of adversity this year because of the global pandemic and have time and time again demonstrated such strength and resilience.  Thank you! Be proud of yourself and what you have accomplished this year. 


As we look forward to next year, we remain strongly focused on developing the literacy skills of the students in our school in addition to their mathematics skills and ensuring that student well-being is attended to daily.  We also will continue to support our diverse learning community and ensure that each and every student in our school sees themselves reflected in our school on the walls, in their classrooms and in the practices, we undertake as a team. 


We hope that you have a wonderful and safe summer.  Our school office will reopen on August 12th, 2021 and our first day with students is on August 17th, 2021.   



Jesse Hillas 

Principal, Falconridge School 


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