Sep 16
That Last, Lonely Moment

I look forward to the start of each and every school year.

It’s August, but I’ve been thinking about the new school year since the third week of July when I woke up from my self-induced coma.
Yeah, I should probably be off enjoying my summer vacation, but I’m heading in to work anyhow. Which excuse will I tell myself today to justify working when I don’t have to?

  • The weather sucks, so it’s as good a day as any to spend some time at the school…
  • I’m just going in to putter around…
  • I just need to see things to get a visual for what I want to do…
  • I bought this on a sweet deal and just want to see how it looks…
  • I have to clean first before the big work begins…
I like it when no one else is in the school. It’s all clean and quiet and I work best like this. Leave the kids with grandma for a while so I can have some time to myself.
I convince myself that I am just committed to the profession, but I NEED this. I need to have some internal conversation. How do I arrange my classroom furniture this year? Where will the student supplies go? The conversations are cathartic and all very necessary.
I’m taking the next few days off to think about things. Yep, just needed that one day…
Back in. That one day wasn’t enough. I painstakingly consider, reconsider and overthink everything. Move things and then move them all again. Over and over. I have spent hours deciding on the big things and the little things. It’s a process, and one I have to go through on my own. Soon, after many hours, everything is in order.
Take a few days more days off…
Back in. I love my teaching team. We’ve planned together and know what we need to do to get these kiddos where they need to go. Many more hours invested, but well worth it. I feel better than ever about our plan for the year. Did I mention that I love my teaching team?
Long weekend…
First day. New outfit. Looking good. Feeling good.
The classroom is ready. Can't wait to meet my new students.
I’m ready.
Actually, am I?
That clock is moving way too quickly. Supervision will start soon.
Time for one last, lonely moment.
Nervous energy.

Look around.
Hard work done. Everything in the right place.
You got this.
Best. Year. Ever.
Deep breath.


One more.
Tick. Tock.
Tick. Tock.


​And it begins.​


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