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All In for Youth – Barriers to High School Graduation

The key focus of All In for Youth is to keep Calgary’s youth in school, bring youth back to school and set up youth for success to continue their education. All In for Youth strives to connect youth to positive adults, remove barriers to success and to continue to change attitudes and behaviours. This program operates in the school Monday – Friday during school hours.

Launched by United Way in 2012, All In for Youth provides innovative solutions to help youth stay in and complete high school. All In for Youth programs connect youth to positive adults, remove barriers to high school completion, and transition youth into adulthood through varied paths of learning and career success. All In for Youth has made over 16,000 positive adult youth connections since its launch, and contributed to increasing the overall high school completion rates in Calgary.

 Forest Lawn High School is one of 25 All In for Youth high schools in Calgary. The All In for Youth programs offered in  Forest Lawn High School include Big Brothers Big Sisters mPower Mentoring program, Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary Success Coach program, YMCA Math Tutoring Table, Youth Employments Centre The Journey Forward, SAIT Summer Cooks Exploratory credited program and World of Choices Junior Achievement career forums. Eligible students in  Forest Lawn High School are also granted access to several bursaries, support and financial aid for post – secondary education, volunteering and sector training opportunities. For more information on All In for Youth please visit our website or contact the school’s administration.

Contact treid@bgcc.ab.ca for more information on the program.

Big Brothers Big Sisters - Mentoring

Connecting youth with mentoring relationships to help them develop the resilience to overcome adversity so they can reach their full potential. Each mentoring relationship is monitored and supported to ensure positive and meaningful relationships that have a direct and lasting effect on the lives of the children and youth, their families, our mentors, and generations to follow. Complete an application online at http://bbbscalgary.ca/clientapp/

Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary – Youth Employment Lab

The Youth Employment Lab provides employment support for youth ages 12-14. Youth can attend afternoon and evening drop-in hours where they can speak to an employment coach about the challenges they are facing and learn about resources that are available to them. Youth can also attend employment workshops on a variety of topics such as resumes, cover letters, interviews and job searching. Contact youthemployment@bgcc.ab.ca or 403-650-3108 if interested in accessing the lab. Located at 731 13 Avenue NE, T2E1C8

YMCA - Math Tutoring

Free small group tutoring that enables students to obtain more individual attention, ask questions to help students build their math skills, improve their study habits and have the opportunity to connect to a positive adult role model.

This program operates in the school on Thursday from 4:00-6:00pm.

Contact your guidance counselor or math teacher to apply.

Calgary Bridge Foundation – NxtGen Homework Club

Focuses on helping New Canadians and 2nd generation Canadians complete homework, prepare for exams and develop English skills.

The program operates in the school on Tuesdays from 3:15-5:45.

Contact the Forest Lawn High School Learning Lead of Wellness and Community Partnerships at ksboehnert@cbe.ab.ca to apply.

Calgary Bridge Foundation – In School Settlement Practitioner

Available to assist New Canadian students and their families with any settlement concerns they may be experiencing.

The program operates in school on Mondays and Wednesdays during school hours.

Contact the Forest Lawn High School Learning Lead of Wellness and Community Partnerships at ksboehnert@cbe.ab.ca to apply.

Calgary Food Bank – Food Hampers

Confidential phone line to book food hampers for you and your family.

Required information includes basic income and expenses, and identification.

If travelling to the main Food Bank location is out of reach for you, ask for information on community depots.

Contact 403-253-2055.

Alberta Health Services - Access Mental Health

Provides information, consultation and referrals to individuals residing in Calgary who have addiction and/or mental health concerns.

Contact 403-943-1500

Distress Centre – 24 Hour Support

Provides 24-hour crisis support over the phone, through daily chat, text or email. There is also professional counseling available for clients with issues that cannot be resolved over the phone.

Contact 403-266-4357.

Connect Teen – 24 Hour Support

Confidential peer support service for youth. Youth are connected to a peer that understands their unique situation and can help you talk through some of your issues.

Call 403-264-8336 or Text 587-333-2724 (evenings and weekends)

City of Calgary – Fair Entry

Subsidy program for low income Calgarians that makes Transit Passes and Recreation Passes more affordable for students and their families. Proof of address, proof of age and proof of income is required for all applicants.

Apply online at https://fairentry.calgary.ca/Public/Login.aspx?ReturnUrl=%2f or in person at Village Square Leisure Centre.

Calgary Women’s Emergency Centre – Healthy Relationships

Preventative programing through one on one counseling and therapeutic groups to help youth make and maintain healthy relationships and learn from harmful ones.

Contact your guidance counselor to apply.

Brown Bagging for Calgary Kids - In School Lunches

Providing nutritious lunches for students that are in need of food throughout the school day.

Lunches are served in Student Services during the lunch hour.

The Alex - Youth Health Bus

Provides general medical care, mental health supports and referrals to high school students.

At Forest Lawn High school every second Thursday.

Talk to the Student Services receptionist to sign up.

The Alex – Community Food Centre

A welcoming place for people to come together to grow, cook, share and advocate for good food for all. Provides families with access to high quality food, as well as cooking and gardening workshops.

Contact 403-455-5792 for more information.

Located at 4920 17 Avenue SE, T2A0V4.

The Alex – Community Health Centre

A community hub for vulnerable Calgarians that addresses medical and social needs that are often a result of poverty, trauma, homelessness or addiction. There is an extensive scope of cost effective services including doctors, pharmacy, counselors, psychologists, and lawyers.

Contact 403-604-9528 for more information.

Located at #102, 2840 2 Avenue SE T2A 7X9 for more information.

For further information on these resources, or any others you may need please contact Kara Boehnert Learning Leader of Wellness and Community Engagement for Forest Lawn High School at ksboehnert@cbe.ab.ca

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