Career & Life Management

Career and Life Management (CALM) helps you develop your ability to make well-informed decisions and choices that contribute to the well-being and respect of yourself and others.

In CALM, you:

  • Apply an understanding of the emotional, psychological, intellectual, social, spiritual and physical dimensions of health
  • Learn responsible financial decision-making to reflect your values and goals and to demonstrate commitment to self and others
  • Apply strategies to manage your wellness and lifelong career development
  • Learn online at many high schools


Career and Life Management (CALM) is a required course for completion of an Alberta High School Diploma.  CALM helps to build confidence in the ability to manage the challenges of our rapidly changing society.  Students will examine a variety of problems and issues that can affect the quality of their lives as they move into the 21st century. The students will be provided with opportunities to practice and develop essential skills in the areas of communication, problem solving, decision-making, critical thinking and personal reflection. This will provide the understanding and skill to make plans and  decisions to reach lifetime goals. The course is divided into three themes/units:

  •  Career  Exploration/Development of Essential and Transferable Skills
  •  Financial Planning and Consumer Choices
  •  Personal and Interpersonal Challenges

Career Development (1-2 credits)

In addition to the above units, students in CALM engage in extensive career planning, which allows them to earn up to 3 extra credits throughout their high school career. The following modules describe those credits: 

CTR 1010 Job Preparation Students develop successful employment search skills and a personal employment search portfolio.

CTR 2310 Career Directions – Expansions Students build on work done in CALM to update their learning/career plan, to enhance their career tool kit, and to update their action plan for the successful transition to the world of work. 

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