The Titan Way

Physical Education Assessment


Effectively acquires and applies skills with proficiency in a variety of movements in individual and group settings.

Has a willingness to attempt and try multiple activities in a variety of environments.

Seeks to develop their skill and continually improves on a daily basis.

Applies previous knowledge to create new games and activities.

Is able to design and maintain a plan for nutrition and stress management and understands the positive impacts.

Body Image
Will be respectful of all body types and skill levels.  Understands outside influences.

Functional Fitness
Understands how different lifestyle habits impact personal fitness and wellness.

Active Lifestyle
Strives to lead an active lifestyle and understands the negative impacts of an inactive lifestyle.

Works with a variety of peers and shows respect for self and others in multiple activity settings.

Positively and effectively communicates with others.

Initiates and leads by example. Is inclusive and encouraging of others.

Fair Play
Demonstrates etiquette and fair play.


Stays Safe
Follows class routine, rules and safety procedures.

Is motivated to participate for the whole class with maximum effort regardless of activity or oneโ€™s ability.

Goal Setter/Personal Challenge
Create and adapt goals to develop a balanced and more active lifestyle in and out of school.

Active lifestyle in the Community
You explore opportunities that contribute to active living within your community.  Demonstrates the qualities of citizenship and character that are reflective of the Titan Way.


A Titan Is…Resilient. Respectful. Determined to lead an active lifestyle.

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