Discipline Process

Discipline at G.W. Skene reflects a desire to keep our community safe and secure, and to develop the ideals found within The Circle of Courage. School administration, in consultation with staff, parents, and students will decide appropriate action. Examples of such action include:
  • Time Out at the Peace Desk
  • Phone call to parents
  • Community Service at school
  • Removal from class for a period
  • Suspension to home (1-5 days)
  • Suspension to the System Suspension Desk (Greater than 5 days)

Student Conduct

In keeping with our values, the expectations we have for ourselves and our students are very high. The following categories describe behaviours that are not aligned with the Circle of Courage and will result in school discipline.

Disruptive Behaviour

Behaviour that interferes with the learning of others will be addressed. Our mandate is to provide a safe, secure, and productive learning environment for everyone.

Respect for our Building

Students are asked to assist in keeping our school clean, tidy, and damage free. Garbage and recycling should be placed in the proper containers. This is expected both inside and outside our school. Vandalism is considered disrespectful to the entire community.


Bullying consists of three components:

  • Bullying is aggressive behaviour that involves unwanted, negative action.
  • Bullying involves a pattern of behaviour that is repeated over time.
  • Bullying involves an imbalance of power or strength.

At G.W. Skene we recognize the seriousness of bullying and respond to every situation involving bullying. We utilize a multi-faceted approach to prevent occurrences of bullying. Conflict-mediation, empowering the bystander and recognition for positive contributions to our community are all ways we seek to reinforce positive actions to help prevent bullying. The Circle of Courage is not compatible with bullying behaviours.

Examples of Misconduct

The following are considered to be examples of misconduct and may result in immediate discipline:
  • Use, possession of, or active contact with weapons
  • Verbal/Physical - threats or harassment
  • Violence/Assault/Fighting
  • Vandalism
  • Use, possession of, distribution of, or active contact with drugs or alcohol
  • Defiance of authority
  • Obscene or abusive language
  • Smoking on school grounds or in sight of the school
  • Anything outlined in the Alberta School Act
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