Our Staff

Principal | Ms. Kristin Dahl (kldahl@cbe.ab.ca) Twitter: @glendalecbe

Assistant Principal | Mr. Scott Hassett (sjhassett@cbe.ab.ca) Twitter: @glendalecbe 

Learning Leader / Resource Teacher | Mrs. Paige Watson (pawatson@cbe.ab.ca) Twitter: @Glendale_PE

Administrative Assistant | Ms. Mary Brabant (mabrabant@cbe.ab.ca)

Facility Operator | Mr. Yonis Barakobe 

Lead Lunchroom | Mrs. Fay Buschert

Teaching Staff

Grade Staff Member


Mrs. Kas Patsula

Grade 1/2 Team

Mr. Kevin MacDonnell

Mrs. Katie Gibson

Ms. Madeline Hampton

Grade 3/4 Team

Mrs. Jen Bradley

Mr. Scott McEwen

Ms. Holly Ardern

Grade 5/6 Team

Ms. Daniella Matich

Ms. Julia Rae

Mr. Adam El-Khechen

Support Staff

PositionStaff Member

Education Assistants

Ms. Naomi White
Ms. Alyssa Bartley
Behaviour Support WorkerMr. Evan Hendricks

Lunchroom Supervisor

Mrs. Fay Buschert (Lead Lunch)

Ms. Heather Shaw

Library Assistant

Mrs. Anjum Khan

Breakfast Program
Mrs. Sharann Roxburgh

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RT @JoeSocialMedia: Thanks to @glendalecbe & the @yyCBEdu for inviting us to Start a Social Media Conversation in #YYC again this week. The Jo(e)s really love helping kids, teachers & parents navigate these difficult but important conversations. https://t.co/coggupPi8A

RT @yyCBEdu: Interested in your child’s mental health? Sign up for a free online session with AHS: Understanding & Promoting Youth Mental Health for Families & Caregivers Tuesday, Dec. 6 from 7-8:30pm https://t.co/48KztbzCN7 #WeAreCBE https://t.co/J2TcJw2UJk

We can code our own adventures! Students imagining robot tales, through mountains high, volcanoes deep, weddings and bank heists #ozoCops #productivestruggle #resiliencythroughproblemsolving https://t.co/G2zcqzz9cO

Indoor-recess Kerplunk intensity! #howlsofjoy #dontloseyourmarbles https://t.co/C8ph2y5yv5

Glendale friends exploring aspects of line, shape and identity ❤️ Learning for the day: we are all so perfectly imperfect ☺️#justthewayyouare #beautifulshapesofyou https://t.co/TynbqXPA3M