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“Every child deserves to be met by an adult whose eyes light up, just for them...” so grateful for the loving children and loving adults in our community 💕welcome home away from home, little ones. https://t.co/mMBzMniYNr

Glendale Friend: “Today I am wearing 5 sockses!” Ms Dahl: “Why 5 sockses?” Glendale Friend: “So I can be strong!” Ms Dahl: *buys 5 sockses on the way home* https://t.co/6VW5mYqz1T

💕Glendale Girls💕 https://t.co/oq0k23SiVp

RT @glendale_kas: Kindergarten loves showing off our budding reading skills while taking turns reading one page each of “No David!” Sometimes words are one-letter long like the word ‘I’ and no is two-letters long, spelled N-O!! #davidshannon #lovereading https://t.co/QjSm5JvVhK

RT @glendale_kas: Continuing with our white board exploration, this student drew rockets. He indicated that some are smaller because they are far away while the bigger ones are closer to us which demonstrates a strong understanding of perspective in art. #art #Kindergarten https://t.co/mHOXjwgGaC