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RT @DHSPurdy: Pyramid 10 strengthens mental math skills. Can you make 10 with 2 cards that are not covered? What about 3 cards?

RT @glendale_kas: Our students have opened a brand new, sparkling clean restaurant full of lovingly prepared food, but specializing in desserts! 🍨 🧁 🍮 Reservations are filling up quickly. #centers #imagination #cooperation

RT @glendale_kas: The afternoon class’ “Moooooooooovement Story “ (say it like a cow 🐮) added tiptoe steps, walking backwards and a long jump. You start your story anywhere you wish, but you must follow the rules of the legend. ☺️ #activelearning

RT @glendale_labrec: Our investigation of local bird nests has prompted the question: WHAT IS HOME? We began answering by examining the materials birds and humans use to make their homes as well as considering the purpose of a home. #nest #whatishome #differentmaterialssamepurpose @glendalemacdon1