Jan 15
January 15, 2021

On Monday February 1, we will welcome back five returning students from CBE Hub learning. We will have one grade 1, two grade 2 (in two different classrooms), one grade 3, and one grade 6 student. Eighteen students will remain in The Hub, learning until the end of the school year. Each one of the Hub learning students and families are very much a part of our Escuela Glenmeadows School.

Teachers and the school administrative team are working on finalizing student assessments to ensure students' grades reflect accurate and ongoing data, both with achievement indicators and with valuable comments. Once again, parents will be able to access report cards online for this school term. Please see this Edition of Sabes Que to review how to access report cards. In June 2020, there were some challenges for parents accessing Report Cards. For this year, CBE has designated a few days for parents in different schools to access the document. The hope is that by having parents on various days, the system will not be overwhelmed and will work efficiently for all parents/guardians.

We are already working collaboratively with A.E Cross Junior High staff to personalize student transition plans, and to set up virtual open houses for both students and parents. This coming Monday at 10:00 am, A.E Cross staff will engage in a virtual presentation for our grade 6 students to highlight their awesome English and Spanish Bilingual Programs.

Escuela Glenmeadows families, it is with mixed feelings that I shared with students and now with you that Sr. Noriega will be the new Assistant Principal at Senator Patrick Burns Junior High starting January 28, 2021. Sr. Noriega diligently, effectively, and enthusiastically worked with staff, parents, and myself to open this school back in 2018. His vision for the Spanish Bilingual, STEM programs, and instructional structures are some of the areas he will leave as legacies in our school. For all his hard work and contributions, we are indebted to him. We wish him all the best at his new school. The Assistant Principal position for our school has been posted, where instructional leadership, Spanish Bilingual, STEM, technology, and resource will be requirements. Michelle Howell, Educational Director, and myself will conduct the interview process for this position and determine a best fit for our great school. Please join me in pushing Sr. Noriega out ASAP.




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