Feb 26
February 26, 2021

This week’s focus was around respeto/respect and embracing our differences as human beings. We spoke about bullying, racism, black history month, and indigenous topics as part of our Character Education and Health programs.  We have amazing children who are respectful, safe, and caring. This, I feel, is a direct result of having great parents, teachers, and other valued adults in their life.  Thank you for fostering a great learning environment at Escuela Glenmeadows School!  Our work in this area is not over as building citizens with exceptional character is something that we all engage in daily and not as an isolated event.

We want to draw your attention to the CBE High School engagement process as your voice is critical to decisions CBE will be making around the future of the Spanish Bilingual program.  Your voice matters now, and it will impact the future of your child's aspirations for the Spanish Bilingual Program when they enter High School. For more information, please visit the following CBE link https://cbe.ab.ca/get-involved/public-engagement/Pages/High-School-Engagement.aspx

Next week is the K-6 Escuela Glenmeadows Juegos de Invierno/Winter games!  Thank you to Sra. Styles, Sra. Gamundi, and the wonderful parents who supported with lessons and resources to make this happen.  Please ensure your children come with their full winter gear as they will be outside for gym.

The administrative team will meet with individual teachers next week to have conversations about their whole classroom and individual student report card data.  The intent is to reflect and support our assessment practices related to the CBE Assessment and Reporting documents.

I wish to thank our School Society for supporting the school with funds exceeding $8,000.00 dollars which will translate into Spanish, Stem, literacy, and Covid related resources!


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