Mar 11
March 11, 2021

Today and tomorrow, we will hold parent-teacher conferences online. By now, I believe we all feel a little more comfortable with virtual technology and hope that it will cooperate with us! All teachers will have a variety of assessments that will demonstrate areas of strength and growth for each student. We look forward to your thoughts and ideas to continue to collaborate in the important journey in learning.

Over the past few weeks, we have had a significant increase in students coming late to school. A friendly reminder to parents who drive their children to the school that the soft entry is at 9:05 am so that students are ready to learn at their desks at 9:10 am. We have begun to send letters to parents of children who are late to school (9:11 am and later) on an ongoing basis, and this has made a difference. Thank you!

We have had a number of concerns from staff and parents regarding the Hug and Go, use of the back alley, and the drop of and pick up of students at the staff parking lot.

Hug and Go area: A friendly reminder that this is an area where you pull your vehicle behind the car in front of you. You say goodbye to your child, and they independently get off your vehicle. We have experienced some parents getting out of their cars for a variety of reasons. By being ready to drop off quickly, we can maintain an even flow of traffic which helps everyone use the limited space effectively. Should you and your child require extra time, please use other safe areas near the school. Thank you for your attention, parents!

Back Alley: Please be mindful that our students and parents utilize the back alley to walk to school. We kindly request that this area not be used as a drop zone.

Staff Parking Lot: A friendly reminder the staff parking lot is not to be used at any time. During non-busing times, please use the Hug and Go. Gracias!

As a school, we are working on a Stem and Spanish week, and also our Kindergarten, grade 2, 4, and 6 Spring Concert for May 6! Stay tuned for more information.


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