May 07
May 7, 2021

Estamos ya en linea/we are now online! Other than a couple of glitches that were promptly resolved, we had a great start.  This great start would not have been possible without teachers setting their students up for success and parent support at casa/home.

Gracias/Thank you to the school Council/Society for providing us with a coffee gift card for teacher/staff appreciation week!  We feel fortunate to have such a caring and dedicated group of padres/parents!

This Martes/Tuesday, at the School Council meeting, 7:00 pm (see the invitation in this edition), we will speak about this year's School Development Plan. We know we make better decisions to support student learning when we build understanding and work together. That's why we'll be sharing our school results and school development plan and asking you to share your perspectives with us.

During this online engagement, you will have the opportunity to:

  1. Learn
  • About the current school development plan
  • About the process for developing the school development plan
  • How the school development plan is used
  • How your child's learning needs are being accommodated


  1. Participate
  • Share your perspectives on our school development plan through an online survey open from May 11 to May 26, 2021.


We continue to be committed to a high standard of teaching and learning practices while online learning. Should you require student resources/materials or technology, please manden/send us an email, and we will be happy to support you.​


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