Jan 13
January 13, 2022

Last night we had over 45 parents attend the Kindergarten and grade 1 Escuela Glenmeadows School Open House.  During this meeting, we had the voice of our School Council Chair, Stellanie H, who shared the incredible work parents do for students, parents, staff, and community. As a whole, we shared our academic, STEM, and various language and cultural events that we hold in our school.  Parents loved the tours of all the areas in the school and left impressed with our school and programs.  We are fortunate not to be a Lottery school, and this means that we can take all students registered. 

Kindergarten and Grade 1 registrations for new students begin on January 16, 2023.  The CBE registration website will be updated on this same date.


Nov 18
November 18, 2022

Decir/Saying hasta la vista to staff members is always bittersweet!  We wish to share that Sra. June Leong, after having served our students, staff and parents well in her role of Library assistant for the past four years, is now leaving us next week.  June will leave us to pursue the role of program assistant of adult continuing education at CBE Chinook Learning Services.  June was hired in 2018 fully knowing that the library was an empty space, but with many possibilities.  A large room full of boxes with hundreds of new books and older books from Westgate and Rosscarrock schools.  The books and resources needed to be catalogued and organized to best serve our students.  Before the school opened in September of 2018, June went to CBE Highfield and chose the furniture required to organize all the books in English and Spanish.  Together with staff, School Society, parent volunteers and the school admin team, June was able to create a successful, safe, welcoming learning environment that fostered a love for learning.  We wish all the best to Sra. June.  Hiring a new Library Assistant may take up to a month.  In the meantime, we will have a substitute work with us.

Hoy/Today was Dia del Cabello Loco!  Having students excited and happy to be at our school and demonstrating creativity is also an important goal for all staff.  
Yesterday, our grade 6 students had the opportunity to attend Spanish workshops for grade 5 and 6 students from the six CBE Spanish Bilingual Programs.  Students had the opportunity to meet children from our sister schools and speak Spanish with them.  While there, students engaged in painting and drama, to name a few workshops.  

A huge thank you to our School Council/Society for bringing Dr. Buzanko last night to our school.  Parents and staff learned new ways to support their children with Self-regulation and co-regulation. The event was well attended and hosted with food, drinks and babysitting. ​

Como compartido/As shared, Parent Teacher Conferences will only be offered online.   We look forward to sharing student progress from September to November.  Please remember that Report cards go out at the end of January! 

Nov 10
Nov 10, 2022

For the past 3 months, at Escuela Glenmeadows School we have been speaking about commitments: Individual, classroom and whole school commitments. The reason why we make commitments is to have a change, a change that will lead us to improve and exhibit actions and behaviours that will allow us to have members of the school be just, fair, kind, respectful, welcoming, and inclusive.

Without commitment, there is no action; without action, there cannot be change.  As I reflect today on the commitment each soldier made when they joined the Canadian military, the word students studied recently, HERO, is the only word that exemplifies our soldiers. Our Canadian military heroes committed their lives to ensure we have the freedoms we treasure and value today.  I want to share the commitment thousands of soldiers have taken before joining the Canadian military: “I, [name], do swear that I will well and truly serve Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth the Second, Queen of Canada, Her heirs and successors according to law, in the Canadian Forces until lawfully released, that I will resist Her Majesty's enemies and cause Her Majesty's peace to be kept and maintained and that I will, in all matters pertaining to my service, faithfully discharge my duty. So help me God."

As I reflect on how we, in Canada, have the freedom to create commitments that lead to action and change in our schools, workplaces and families and our society, I cannot fail to acknowledge that the reason we have these freedoms is a direct result of the commitments that brave soldiers made to ensure we have the freedom we so much treasure today.
Please find below the video “I am Canadian" shown in the assembly: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D4Icb_KfsMg

Nov 04
Nov 4, 2022

Esta semana/This week we celebrated Dia de los muertos and Halloween.  Students were very excited to see each other's costumes.  As always, our teaching and learning on those days were focused on the Alberta Program of Studies.  We are very appreciative of the parents who decorated the school with both themes!

Este próximo Jueves/This coming Thursday parents are invited to our whole school Remembrance Day assembly. Grades 5 and 6, together with a mixture of all grade Colour Guards, will lead the assembly.

En nuestra reunión hoy/At our staff meeting today, we spoke about having a student voice for clubs.  We will be asking students what types of clubs they would like to have to start in January! ​

Oct 07
October 7, 2022

Hoy/Today, part of our PD Day deepened our understanding of Indigenous Education in Alberta and Canada. Our online CBE guest speaker was elder James Makokis. James shared his family's historic struggles since 1870's while in residential schools in Alberta. He shared many of the atrocities his peoples endured, the impact of many wrongdoings such as violence, cultural genocide, loss of family structures, loss of values, beliefs, trauma, and substance abuse to name a few. James also shared his hopes, and dreams, including the urgency for urgent changes our society requires to achieve Truth and Reconciliation. As a school, Glenmeadows School commits to implementing CBE's holistic lifelong learning framework, building relationships with traditional knowledge keepers, and capacity for intercultural understanding, empathy, and mutual respect.

Indigenous Commitment.jpeg 

El miércoles que viene/This coming Wednesday, we will have our CBE Educational Director, Michelle Howell and System Principal, Chris Radu's visit. The purpose of their visit is for us to share the outstanding work that Escuela Glenmeadows students and staff do academically and in other educational areas. Our leaders will provide us feedback on our teaching and learning practices, School Development Plan, Indigenous strategies, school structures, and support/strategies for our students at the school and CBE levels. As a CBE school, we are fortunate to have system supports that include system specialists in various areas such as special needs, psychologists, mental health and speech therapist to name a few.  

La próxima semana/Next week we will continue to engage in the Art Alberta Program of Studies Art projects. During this week, students will infuse an academic subject area that will demonstrate their understanding or celebration of a key outcome(s). Our School Society has asked the school if this Art project could also serve as an Art Cards fundraiser. After discussing it with key stakeholders such as parents, staff and students, we have collaboratively agreed to allow this project to be a learning artifact that can be reproduced for parents to be able to have as a keepsake or to share with family and friends in the form of reproduced art cards. Parents who wish to purchase the reproduction of the art cards will be supporting the purchase of additional resources such as technology, P.E, Music, educational materials and/or experiences that benefit all students. 

Sep 29
September 29, 2022

Tuvimos/We had our first School Council/Society meeting this past Wednesday.  It was fantastic to see continued great leadership and so many new faces attend. If you have never been to one of these meetings, and you attend one day, you will have the opportunity to voice your thoughts and ideas to make our school an even better place to live, learn and enjoy.

La Carrera/The Terry Fox Run was a great success!  Students learned about Terry Fox and the run for a cure. Thank you to our School Organizers, parent volunteers as well as our speedy K-6 runners!  Together the school raised a little over $1,000.

Como parte de/As part of the Truth and Reconciliation week, students engaged in painting rocks with Truth and Reconciliation messages as well as Indigenous artwork. You can find the pieces of work all around the school building. Next Friday, students will have the option of taking their rock home or donating them to the school to display for the year. ​

Sep 23
September 23, 2022

Fue estupendo/It was great seeing parents face to face after two long years of Covid restrictions.  We trust that parents were able to provide teachers with extra information about their children.  Teachers would have had an opportunity to provide parents with general information at this time about your child(ren) as there are still getting to know them as learners and individuals. Moving forward, for November and March conferences, you will have the choice of booking your meeting face-to-face or online.


Profesores e Estudiantes/Teachers and students have worked on their personal and whole classroom commitments to Escuela Glenmeadows stakeholders. To have their commitment at the forefront and have it live on a daily basis, as well as to make it fun, we created a Star Wars Themed Display. The classroom commitments students wrote speak of respect, collaboration and support towards each other. If you are in the school, please stop by and read each one of them :0)


Terry Fox Run is happening next Wednesday, September 28. If you have your t-shirt from last year, wear it proudly!

That means that Toonies for Terry is happening as well! We would love for you to donate but you do not have to. If you do, please bring toonies and give them to your teacher by Wednesday or visit the website https://terryfox.org/

Sep 09
September 9, 2022

Estudiantes/Students have settled quite well into their classrooms and school routines.  It is only our first week back, but it seems as if we have been together for much longer already. Thank you to all parents for setting their children up for a successful school year!

Este año escolar/This school year all staff made a personal/professional commitment to all Escuela Glenmeadows stakeholders.  You would have seen and heard their individual commitments in our Welcome Back video a couple of weeks ago. We gathered all similar individual commitments as a whole school and created a common school commitment: "Our staff commitment to Escuela Glenmeadows, as an International Spanish Academy, is to inspire our inclusive school community to achieve success in all areas through positive and caring relationships." We believe that this commitment will guide our teaching practice as well as provide us with a common goal for this school year.

Nuestros Estudiantes/Our students are also working on their personal and classroom commitment to themselves, classmates, staff and parents.  Their classroom commitments will be shared by teachers with you when completed as well as posted outside of their classroom doors.

Estamos muy agradecidos/We are very grateful to our dedicated team of teachers who have chosen to enhance student learning by providing Clubs this year!  This is what I call dedication and passion for students within our Escuela Glenmeadows School welcoming, caring and safe environment. Gracias profesores, you all rock!  We will offer a variety of clubs for Div I and Div II throughout the school year.  Once we have organized clubs for the year, we will share all details with students

Esperamos con interes/We look forward to taking part in the School Council/Society BBQ on September 15!  Gathering as an Escuela Glenmeadows family has always been important to students, staff and parents/guardians.  We are extremely grateful to all the parents who have organized this event as well as to the countless volunteers who give their time to make the event a huge success. ​

Jun 24
June 24, 2022

Hoy les dijimos/Today we said, hasta la vista/until next time to our grade 6 students and parents. During the farewell, students performed Latin dances and sang Spanish songs.  We had speeches from CBE representatives, grade 6 students and me, to encompass 6 years of teaching and learning together in our journey of Camino a la Excelencia.  We wish all the best to our amazing grade 6 students and trust that they will take all opportunities that Junior High will afford them.

Mientras cerramos/As we close this 2021/22 school year, we want to express our sincere appreciation to you for trusting in us and our work with your children.  We value and greatly appreciate your collaboration and input in what makes Escuela Glenmeadows School an amazing place to be in. Next year, we hope to see more of you at the school and increase our goal of achieving excellence in learning.

Confiamos/We trust that each one of you will have a fun and restful summer.  Please visit the direct link for our Welcome back to school information https://school.cbe.ab.ca/school/glenmeadows/registration/register/back-to-school/pages/default.aspx and our school calendar https://school.cbe.ab.ca/school/Glenmeadows/SiteCollectionDocuments/2022-2023-Glenmeadows-Traditional-Calendar.pdf.​

Tengan un lindo verano/Have a great summer!

Jun 10
June 10, 2022

We look forward to honouring our amazing Escuela Glenmeadows volunteers at the Volunteer Tea this coming Monday 13th at 11:05 am in the school gymnasium.

Our Sports/Indigenous Games Day will be held on Thursday, June 23.

  • 9:15-10-15 am Grades 4-6 and AM Kindergarten
  • 10:15-11:15 am Grades 1-3 and Pm Kindergarten
  • 12:30 pm Grade 6 vs Staff Soccer Game, all School around the Optimist Park Soccer Field.  Families are invited to attend the soccer game as spectators.

Sports Day Volunteers

Indigenous Games Day is coming up on June 23 and volunteers are needed to help run the event. Please sign up here to volunteer:​


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