Our Staff

Guy Weadick School has wonderful caring adults that make it a place of safe, caring learning to equip our students with the ability to succeed.  As of this date, the faculty, staff and positions are as follows:


K. Bauer Interim Principal (until Nov. 3)
A. Terlecki Interim Principal (effective Nov. 6)
K. Hogan  Learning Leader and Resource Teacher/EAL Designate
C. Peters Learning Leader and Technology Designate

Teaching Staff

K. Hogan Kindergarten
K. Wrathall Kindergarten
K. Fry Music Education Instruction
M. Lewis Morrison Grade 1
Z. Fentimen Grade 1
J. Nichol   Grade 1
L. Schafer Grade 2
A. Khalil Grade 2
M. Beattie Grade 2
T. Thomson Grade 3
K. Smith Grade 3
B. Benoit   Grade 3
N. Bains  Grade 4
N. Sampson Grade 4
H. Gill Grade 4
C. Peters Grade 5/6
S. Talion Grade 5/6
H. Anderson Grade 5/6
L. Goods Grade 5/6

Support Staff

J. James  Office/Reception
C. Gibbons Administrative Assistant
J. James  Library Assistant
V. Chahine  Education Assistant
M. Dodd Education Assistant
F. Chahadi Education Assistant
K. Oh  Education Assistant
S. Nabeel Lunchroom Supervisor
N. Haymour  Lunchroom Supervisor
A. Pira   Lunchroom Supervisor
M. Landsdell  Lunchroom Supervisor
J. Nayyar Lunchroom Supervisor


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