Apr 06
Traffic Safety
Some of you may have seen a strong police presence around our school on Wed. April 5, 2023 in the morning. We asked for this consult with CPS and City Bylaws as we are very worried about the current state of traffic safety around our school. We are particularly worried about the “jay walking” by students and parents across 55 St NE. CPS has recommended that we do not “help” students to cross 55 St both morning and afternoon anymore. We are requesting that parents drop off their students on the playground side of 55 St. or have them cross at the designated crosswalk at 55 St and Templehill Road NE., moving forward. In collaboration with CPS and Bylaws we are looking at getting a larger drop off zone created on the east side of 55 St. so that your students may enter the school playground more safely.  The police also mentioned that illegal “U turns”, parking opposite to the flow of traffic, passing in the school bus zone, and pulling into to the staff parking lot are all dangerous actions that should not occur. Our goal is to make the roads around Guy Weadick safer for everyone.


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