Dress Code

Appropriate Clothing

Students are expected to be dressed in good taste and appropriately for the various activities in the school.

Some guidelines:

  • One’s appearance should be such as not to draw attention away from our teaching and learning environment.
  • Offensive phrases and graphics on clothing are not acceptable.
  • Hats and bandanas are not to be worn inside the school.

Indoor Running Shoes

We request that each child bring a pair of running shoes for indoor use to be kept at school and to be worn in the gym. Please mark your child’s shoes (and any other belongings) with his/her name with a permanent marker. Outdoor shoes are removed at the entrance doors to maintain a clean school. Indoor running shoes should have proper support for gym activities, a non-marking sole, and properly tied laces. If your child can not tie his/her own shoes, Velcro closings are recommended. Sandals, backless shoes, platform shoes and dress shoes are not to be worn in the gym or for outside classroom activities for safety. 

Winter Dress

Throughout the winter, all students are expected to dress appropriately for the weather conditions. Hats, mitts, coats or jackets, and boots are necessary for most winter days in Calgary. Please provide an extra sweater in your child’s backpack throughout the school year as the weather changes quickly.

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