Jun 07
June Principal Message

It is June and we are rapidly approaching the end of the school year.  We have had such wonderful learning experiences this year. Classrooms were stimulating and learning was joyful. The students will also remember all the special activities like sports specialists, theater groups, teacher’s pet programs, field trips, etc. that made the school year memorable and contributed to the success of students.  This is a very special school with such caring attitudes, academic excellence and enriched activities.  The community spirit of the school does make everyone feel they are a part of a team.

In June, we always have changes.  Our school has gone from 209 students this year to about 190 for next year mainly due to our large group of Grade 4 students moving on to Grade 5.  This means we will have one less teacher next year.  Ms. Cokar will be placed at another school.  Ms. Magill will also be leaving us as her contract ends June 30.  We will also say good bye to two education assistants, Mrs. Lee and Mrs. Malik, who have supported us since January.  All of these staff members have been such a wonderful part of our staff and we wish them well. One of our other education assistants is moving to a part-time position in the school.

Our school has been chosen to have a SKILL class move to our school. The CBE has added 18 more special classes because the need is there.  A SKILL class has 10 children with one teacher and one education assistant.  Students receive personalized and functional curriculum related to the development of functional academic, social-communication, independence, daily living, safety and leisure skills. These students will participate in the school community as opportunities arise.

We have organized the school for next year as follows:

Kindergarten               Mrs. De Nance                                                           Room 11

2 Grade 1 classes         Mrs. Oseen, Mrs. Hughes                                          Rooms 4, 5

2 Grade 2 classes         Ms. Barry, Mrs. Werle                                                Rooms 2, 6

3 Grade ¾ classes        Mrs. Speer                                                               Room 1

                                    Mrs. Stetz, Mr. Claussen                                          Rooms 7, 8

SKILL Class               Mrs. Armstrong                                                           Room 3

Mrs. Sagness will continue as our music specialist.

We have excellent staff that will do their very best to ensure all students learn.

Thank you to all parents for sending us such wonderful students.  We enjoy the privilege of teaching your children.

Enjoy the summer break and we look forward to an exciting new school year in September. On the first day of school on September 3, please check the doors of the school for your child’s classroom and teacher.







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