Dress Code

Dress Code 

Our expectation is that students conscientiously dress for school in a manner that allows for safe participation in all student activities, have respectful print and images that do not make other students and staff feel uncomfortable or upsetting, and not be disruptive to learning. The manner of dress is expected and we appreciate good judgment and discernment in considering what to wear for school.   

We would consider the following to be inappropriate for a school setting: 

  • sunglasses 
  • any clothing that exposes your personal areas when you are being active (ex. Putting your hands above your head and your shirt rides up or playing sports and your pants fall down) 
  • and/or, apparel (or accessories) that contain any offensive language, images, paraphernalia or discriminatory attitudes 

In accordance with CBE Administrative Regulation 6010, decisions as to what constitutes acceptable clothing are made at the discretion of school administration. Should it be necessary to do so, our staff member(s) will discreetly address any concerns with the individual student. In a situation where such a conversation takes place, the student will be given the opportunity to find another piece of clothing at school (such as their gym strip) – either to change into or to cover up, be kept in the office area, or be sent home in order to dress appropriately.  

We consider our dress code to be an ever-evolving process, and will revisit it accordingly with student input to make any pertinent changes. Ultimately, we want to promote a positive learning environment in all that we do at Harold Panabaker School.  

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