Jan 13
The Magic of Storytelling | Jeff Stockton Save the Date
We are very fortunate to be hosting Jeff Stockton, Storyteller Artist in Residence for the next five weeks. This residency will support the storytelling process and oral language development. Oral language development is a foundational building block in overall literacy development and this residency will serve to support us in our literacy goal in our School Development Plan. Jeff will be working with classes on 5 separate days, culminating in an evening family event.

Jeff’s first day with us was January 12 and the students were absolutely spellbound by his stories and his captivating Celtic harp accompaniment. Storytelling holds a special power to transport us to different times and places and immerse us in unique multi-sensory experiences in our own minds as we conjure the sights, smells, sounds and sensations as the story-teller brings us along a journey of imagination. Jeff certainly holds this extraordinary super-power and we can’t wait to learn with him in the coming weeks.

Jeff is customizing an experience for Haultain Memorial School and we are excited to develop our own skills and learn how the adventure will unfold over the coming weeks. We are especially excited for our culminating Interactive Family Event where your child(ren) will lead your family through a one of a kind storytelling experience. We invite you to Save the Date:

When: February 9, 2023, 5:30 - 7:00
Where: Haultain Memorial School

We are grateful to the Haultain Memorial School Council and Parents Association for their generous donation to make this possible. This is an example of how your fundraising dollars supports our students.


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