​​​Support for Students at the CBE

Our students’ success is our top priority and we understand that our students live complex lives and that many factors both in school and outside of school can affect their ability to learn. The CBE offers a variety of services (such as Culture and Linguistic Support, Exceptional and Special Needs, and Psychological Services) to support students, their families and our school, so students can be successful learners. Visit the CBE website to learn more.​​​​

Student Services

Supports For Our Students

  • Science Wise Guys - Wise Guys Science Help, Make an appointment directly with your Science Teacher
  • Henry's Help - Monday – Thursday 3:45-4:45, Friday 2:10-3:10 (locations posted in every math classroom)
  • ELL Homework/Social Support *Contact any of the ELL team for info
    • CIWA Girls Culture Club - Thursdays after school online from 4:15-5:15 (pending student interest)
    • HWW ESL Help – before school from 8:30-8:57 (rooms 307, 312,
      314, and 316)
  • ELL/International Counselling Supports *Referrals through ELL teachers and/or Student Services, variety of languages - Bridge Foundation In School Settlement Worker: Monica Moosbauer, available to set up online
  • Learning / Student Support Centre - Can be accessed daily during Wise Time, class time and lunch, Special learning accommodations are managed through Ms. Lannigan/Mr. Pilley, Room 103
  • International Baccalaureate (IB) Support - Every morning from 8:30-8:53 AM, Daily, periods 3 and 4, after school on Monday or Wednesday (by appointment recommended) with Mr. Garen - IB office next to room 218

  • Athletic Academic Support - TBA
  • Dreamcatcher Indigenous Support Centre - TBA
  • The Class - This is not a drop in space, students require a System referral for significant internalizing mental health issues, Open typically from 8 AM - 4 PM, Teachers: Mr. Kennedy, and Mrs. O’Malley and Behavior Support Workers: Ms. Rosehart and Mrs. Jackson - Room 118 and 120 
  • Aspen Youth Support Worker - Madison Sikking, Thursdays, Nurse’s Office, Room 127 *Referral via Student Services
  • School Resource OfficerConstable Kirby Adolph - Rotating schedule, 2-3 days/week - Room 143 - CALL: 403-861-5180
  • School Family Liaison Worker - Karen Harmon. Wrap around services often accessed when students are under 16 and not attending *Referral via Student Services/Admin
  • Financial Need *Ask about referrals in Student Services
    • BURNS Fund - Grade 12
    • Prospect Funding (AB Income Support)
    • ALL Cinderella Project/Prince Charming - dress/ shoes/suit/accessories for Graduation
    • Best Friend’s Closet – ALL grades/girls, shopping experience at second hand store by appointment
    • Ohana Café  (St . Peter’s  Church basement ) – ALL grades, $2 hot lunch –sponsorship occasionally available
  • ESL Extra Help  -  TBA

Other Community Supports

  • Calgary Sexual Health
  • SOGI
  • Hospice Calgary
  • SAGE
  • Child and Family Services

This is not an inclusive list; there are hundreds of community supports available. Ask the Student Services team if you require a resource.

Resource Center

The Resource Center Provides a flexible learning environment for students.  This is a multi-use room and is used to support a variety of student learning needs and initiatives, such completion of courses through ADCL and online learning, additional learning supports for all students and IPP programming. In addition to school wide supports, the Resource Center also supports the ASD Cluster Program as well as complex learners through specific programming. Access to the Resource Centre is coordinated by the Student Support team and classroom teachers based on individual student need.

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