The real value of participation in sports is the journey – not the destination; it is the hours of training, determination and self-discipline. When the competition is done, the reward left behind is the character you build forever

Program Philosophy

Education is not limited to classrooms.  Extra-curricular activities provide many valuable ‘tools’ and ‘lessons’ for student-athletes, including discipline, team cohesion, perseverance, goal-setting, time management, and work-ethic. 

The following statements are the philosophical pillars of Warriors Athletics.

  1. Academics are the most important aspect of high school athletics.  Players will work hard in their studies to garner respectable marks so they earn the privilege to represent Henry Wise Wood High School.
  2. The greater good of the team comes before the individual.  All decisions and actions will be made with the team’s best interest in mind.
  3. Work Harder…Play Smarter…Be Tougher…Together.  All student-athletes will live by the Warrior Code that define a Warrior with pride, respect and excellence.

It’s about Family, and being a Warrior for Life! 

Take Pride in your conduct; Respect yourself and others; and seek Excellence in everything you do. 

Warriors Teams

FALL (September - Mid November)


Soccer (Girls)


Cross Country


WINTER (Late November - Mid March)




SPRING (Late March - Early June)

Soccer (Boys)


Field Hockey (Girls)

Track & Field


Tryout and team information will be given in the weeks leading up to the start date of each sport. For fall sports, tryout information will be given on the first day of school. This information is typically spread through in-school posters and through meetings. Meeting times will be communicated through morning announcements. Students are expected to get an Annual Authorization for Athletic Tryout form signed by their parents and handed in to the coach before they are allowed to try out. 


Each team will have fees associated with them. These fees will vary from team to team. Most team fees will cover the expenses of league play (referees, facility bookings), uniform rentals, photos, equipment, training supplies and substitute coverage costs for teachers. Higher fees are typically indicative of more out-of-town tournaments, team clothing and other team specific opportunities. Friends of Wise Wood generously subsidizes team fees from year to year.

Practice and Game Schedules

Most teams are active before and/or after school, 4-5 days per week. It is a heavy but rewarding experience. Generally speaking, there will be 2-4 practices a week, 1-2 games a week, and tournaments on some weekends depending on the sport. Tryout, practice and tournament schedules will be communicated at the beginning of the season, and all game schedules for all sports are posted at Calgary High School Sports at the beginning of each season. Students should expect to travel on their own to off-site league games for most teams, but will generally travel as a team on a school bus to out-of-town tournaments.


For athletic inquiries please contact Athletic Director Karen Cheney.

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