IB Courses

Henry Wise Wood is an accredited IB school that is authorized to offer the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. There are a variety of IB courses available to both IBDP students (take five IB courses) and IBDP course students (take at least one IB course). 

The IB Programme includes subjects from 6 groups. At Henry Wise Wood High School we offer the subjects listed below:

**offered every two years depending on student interest.

Grade 10 hww-IB Courses

All are (5) Credit Courses.

Science 10 hww-IB (Chemistry 20)
Science 10 hww-IB (Physics & Biology)
Math 10 hww-IB
Math 20 IB
Social Studies 10 hww-IB
English 10 hww-IB
Physical Education 10*
CALM* (online)
Art 10 hww-IB
French 10 hww-IB or 20 IB
Spanish 10 hww-IB
Film Studies 15 hww-IB

*Not IB courses, however, these are required for an Alberta High School Diploma

Grade 11 IB Course Selections

All are (5) Credit Courses.

Biology 20 IB - SL
Chemistry 25 IB- HL
Math 30 IB
Physics 25 IB - HL
English 20 IB   - SL/HL
Visual Arts 20 IB - SL/HL
Philosophy 25/35 IB - SL*
Biology 30 IB - SL
French 20 or 30 IB - SL
Math 31 IB – SL or HL
Film Studies 25 IB - SL
Spanish 20 IB - SL 

*Philosophy - offered every two years, so could be in Grade 11 or 12.

Grade 12 IB Course Selections 

All are (5) Credit Courses.

Chemistry 30 IB – HL
Physics 30 IB – HL
Math 35 IB - HL
French 30 or 31A IB – SL
English 30 IB SL/HL
History 30 IB SL/HL
Visual Arts 30 IB SL/HL
Chemistry 35 IB – HL
Physics 35 IB – HL
Spanish 30 IB – SL
Film Studies 35 IB – SL
English 35 IB – HL
History 35 IB – HL
Visual Arts 31 IB – HL

Unique IB Course Offerings

Film Studies 15 hwIB (5-8 credits)

In this introductory course to Film and Animation Studies, students will explore the rich history and traditions in film making, and investigate different methods to create their own projects covering multiple genres using a variety of techniques. Looking at a variety of films throughout history, students will dig deeper into film and animation theories, and then apply them to their own projects. Complete access as well as& a thorough introduction to industry software will be provided, and no previous experience is required. Projects will be created in film and/or animation based on the individual students’ preference, providing students with the opportunity to earn up to 8 credits in the semester. By the end of the introductory course, students will start to identify themselves as candidates for the IB program and will be prepared for expectations for the following level.

Film 25 IB & Film 35 IB SL (5-8 credits)

In this intermediate course, Film 25 and Animation Studies 20, students tackle more difficult themes and techniques used in filmmaking and are challenged to think more critically when working on projects. Film 25 IB SL is the first of the two year IB course in Film Studies SL. Students will commence their IB hours during this course. In the advanced and final course in Film 35 and Animation Studies 30, students will create larger projects in scope that encompass and demonstrate their understanding of the history, techniques and methods studied in the program IB. For the IB assessment, students will have to complete a written documentary screenplay, an oral analytical assessment of a film, and a film production.

Any questions or concerns please contact IB Coordinator Barb McKay bemckay@cbe.ab.ca 

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