​Our school offers options to suit our students’ unique learning needs, interests and abilities. All of our courses follow the Alberta Programs of Study​

Complementary Courses

Henry Wise Wood Complementary Course List

Astronomy 15

Paired with Forensics to create a full semester, 6 credit course

The purpose of Astronomy 15 is to provide extended opportunities for students to deepen their understanding of astronomical principles beyond Science 9. Throughout the course, students will enhance their scientific literacy and numeracy through the application of active observation and documentation skills (diagrams, sketches, field notes) of various celestial bodies visible in the day-time and night-time skies. 

Astronomy 25/35

3 credits 
CBE Locally Developed Course

Paired together to create a full semester,  6 credit course 

Pre-requisites: Science 10 or Science 14 or >60% in Science 9

In Astronomy 25/35, students will develop an understanding of Astronomy beyond the basics that students acquire in Astronomy 15. While inundated with space and astronomy in modern media, many students remain unaware that the sky is constantly changing above them. Using a variety of astronomical tools such as telescopes, binoculars, and lenses students in the Astronomy sequence will experience first-hand observations that foster foundational understandings.

Field experience will offer practical application to observe and document the various objects visible in the day and night skies. Students will further use their field experience observations to develop and reinforce the learning outcomes within in this course sequence.

Journalism / Podcasting 15, 25, 35 

5 credits
This course is Journalism for our 21st Century learners. With podcasting, journalists have an opportunity to tell a story via audio media and reach a new and growing world of listeners. This podcasting course will provide students with opportunities to explore and create original podcasts for a public audience. Students will examine the content and conventions of podcasting to create their own. The emphasis will be on student-created podcasts that are challenging, engaging, and relevant to the school community. Students will develop and refine their abilities to use technology effectively to communicate with public audiences in a 21st century context. Students will receive credit for Journalism 15/25/35. No prerequisite for 15. Prerequisite for 25 is 15; prerequisite for 35 is 25.  


3 Credits
CBE Locally Developed Course
Paired with Astronomy to create a full semester, 6 credit course
Pre-requisites: Science 10 or Science 14 or >60% in Science 9

Forensic Science 25 is the study and use of basic scientific concepts and technologies related to solving crime in society. Learning in this course will begin by the acquiring of the knowledge of basic scientific concepts (involving chemistry, physics and biology), and applying them in laboratory situations, internet assignments, and case studies. Forensic Science involves hands-on activities, labs and in-class work and assessments.  Mystery Labs will be administered periodically, in lieu of exams to assess students learning.   

Intercultural Studies 15, 25 

3 credits each
Through an Indigenous lens, Intercultural Studies is designed to focus on local indigenous ways of knowing, and intercultural skills such as adaptation, communication, practical skills, and relationship building. The curricular outcomes of this locally developed course will be measured through participation with “Brave Dogs Clan (HON)”, a YMCA program that is facilitated at only four High Schools in Calgary, including Henry Wise Wood High School. This course is delivered once a week, and occurs outside of the time-table (during Wise Time & lunch), so students can have full schedules while participating in Brave Dogs Clan (HON). The program lasts September to June and includes a small number of offsite excursions related to the program. All costs (for provided food, field trips, facilitators) are sponsored so no fees are charged to students/families. This program is available to indigenous and non-indigenous students who want to learn about, and be connected to, the traditions that have been practiced in Treaty 7 Territory for thousands of years.

Math 10-3/10C Preparation

5 credits
This course is designed for students who intend to take Math 10C and have been challenged by Algebra and Problem Solving in Mathematics 9. The course covers all of the Mathematics 10-3 content and builds on foundational Mathematics 9 concepts. This course will be offered in the first semester only, space permitting. Students who register for this course will be expected to register in Mathematics 10C, which they will take in the second semester. Successful students will earn credits in the Alberta Education course Mathematics 10-3.

Philosophy (IB)

5 Credits
Available at the 20/30 level only
Social Sciences Course
Pre-requisites: No pre-requisites

Please note: this is designated an IB course, but students do not have to be currently enrolled in IB to register for this course. It can be taken as a stand-alone IB course.

Philosophy is a systematic critical inquiry into profound, fascinating and challenging questions, such as the following:

  • What is it to be human? 
  • Do we have free will? 
  • What do we mean when we say something is right or wrong?

Studying philosophy provides an opportunity for students to engage with some of the world’s most interesting and influential thinkers. It also develops highly transferable skills such as the ability to formulate arguments clearly, to make reasoned judgments and to evaluate highly complex and multifaceted issues. The emphasis of the IB philosophy course is on “doing philosophy”, that is, on actively engaging students in philosophical activity. The course is focused on stimulating students’ intellectual curiosity and encouraging them to examine both their own perspectives and those of others. Students are challenged to develop their own philosophical voice and to grow into independent thinkers. They develop their skills through the study of philosophical themes and the close reading of a philosophical text. They also learn to apply their philosophical knowledge and skills to real-life situations and to explore how non-philosophical material can be treated in a philosophical way.


3 Credits
Social Sciences Course
Paired with Sociology to create a full semester, 6 credit course
Pre-requisites: No pre-requisites

The objectives of the 3-credit courses in psychology are designed to develop within the student the skills and understandings that make it possible for more effective living in our complex environment. The student’s attention will focus on the scientific approach to understanding human behaviour so that he or she may appreciate more fully the reasons that underlie one’s own acts and those of one’s fellows.


3 Credits
Social Sciences Course
Paired with Sociology to create a full semester, 6 credit course
Pre-requisites: No pre-requisites

The objectives of the courses in sociology are designed to develop within the student a better understanding of group behaviour. This understanding should be based on fact rather than opinion. The sociological perspective focuses on “what is” rather than “what ought to be.” Students should be able to analyze occurrences around them objectively. They should feel themselves to be a part of society, understand its influence on their lives, and visualize their roles in societal change.

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