May 04
​May 4 - Update re: Ongoing Learning Assessment

Hello Jack James students and families,

Term 3 marks have been updated on MyCBE / PowerSchool - that reflects student marks prior to March 15. Teachers have been reaching out to students and families to encourage any outstanding assignments prior to March 15 be completed and submitted to help improve student's marks, when necessary.  Any student who did not have a course mark above 50% prior to March 15, and who has not engaged in ongoing learning or submitted assessments to improve their mark, will maintain the mark as published in MyCBE/PowerSchool for Term 3.

During the period of ongoing learning, students will be offered multiple opportunities to improve their learning and improve their grades. As students demonstrate a stronger understanding of essential outcomes (or outcomes addressed prior to class cancellation), their grades will be adjusted.

For students that continue engaging in their courses past the March 15 date of class cancellation, final percentage grades will not drop below interim percentage grades, but may increase, based on demonstrations of further learning. 
you were previously a legal guardian (e.g., parent of a student under the age of 18) of a now independent student and the independent student has identified on the Releasing Independent Student Information from the Calgary Board of Education to Others (completed with school personnel and on file at the school) that you may have access;

As of today, May 4, we will turning off publication of final grades so that students will not see the fluctuation, over-inflation, or ongoing adjustments of grades during the time of ongoing learning. This will be done because student's marks fluctuate as they are entered, and we do not want students or families to see a mark that is not truly representative of the final mark. Knowing that a student's final mark can not go below the March 15 course mark, by turning off the publication of the final mark we hope to avoid confusion as marks fluctuate.

Students are encouraged to contact teachers regarding their mark now that they have engaged in ongoing learning. This system will allow for conversation, be it via email, phone call, or Google Meet, between the teacher and the student that will be a clearer discussion of the student's achievement than the student simply looking in PowerTeacher and not understanding where that mark was derived from.

On June 1st, we will turn on the publication of course marks for students to see. This date has been selected because it gives students 2 weeks to coordinate with their teachers and complete any work that may have been missed, or perhaps needs editing or re-submissionto help them achieve a grade that they are hoping for.
June 1st will not the end of ongoing learning and instruction. Teachers will be using this time to continue to engage their students in tasks that allow them to continue to demonstrate the outcomes to best prepare them for the next level or instruction or to complete the essential outcomes for a course.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out. Students can email their teachers or connect through D2L. For students/families who are not using technology as part of ongoing learning, please call the school and the main office can connect you with the teacher you are looking to speak with.
Ongoing Learning | Grades 10 to 12 Guidelines for Assessment and Reporting Ongoing Learning Alberta Education has provided guidelines for ongoing learning during the COVD-19


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