Jan 21
JJHS - End of Semester 1 Update & Important Dates

Good afternoon Jack James students and families,

I wanted to share some information and updates as we finish semester 1 and prepare for semester 2.

Students have been coming into to meet with teachers for course completion these past 2 day. Completion opportunities are available on Monday and Tuesday of next week by appointment only. Please ensure that completion arrangements have been made with individual teachers and staff prior to students arriving at the school.

Semester 1 Report cards will be available on MyCBE on January 31.

Semester 2 begins on Tuesday, February 1. Students can access their timetable on MyCBE and we will be following a TUESDAY schedule for the first day of classes.

Important upcoming dates:

January 27 – Parent Advisory Association and Council Meetings – 5:00 in-person in the JJHS cafeteria or Click here to join the meeting – new members welcome

January 28 – last day of semester 1 classes for PLP & RISE classes

January 31 – Non-Instructional Day

February 1 – Semester 2 starts

February 7-10 – Graduation Photos

February 17 & 18 – Teacher's Convention, no school

February  21 – Family Day – no school​

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

Jan 07
January update


Good morning to our Jack James parents, guardians and students,


We are preparing to welcome our students back to face-to-face classes on Monday, January 10. We will continue our regular class schedule from January 10-19, with January 19 being the last day of regular classes with attendance being taken.  Students in PLP and RISE will continue in their program with their teachers until January 28.


Teachers in CORE academic classes will communicate with their students if their course will have an in-class final exam during the week of January 17-19. Final exams will be no jeopardy exams, which will not lower a student mark but give students an opportunity to replace a lower mark on a previous assessment.  With the recent announcement that diploma exams are cancelled, students in ELA 30-2 and Social Studies 30-2 are expected to attend their regular classes on January 11 & 12.


January 20 and 21 will be completion time designated for students to work with their teachers to complete any missing assignments or assessments for successful completion in their specific courses. Attendance is not mandatory. Teachers will be available to meet with students during our regular school hours. January 24 and 25 will be completion opportunities by appointment with teachers. Students are encouraged to have discussions a nd arrange with their teachers about meeting during completion time.


Teachers and staff will be available by appointment to work with students from January 26-28 for transition support going into semester 2.  January 31 is a Non-instructional Day for CBE students.


Semester 2 starts on Tuesday, February 1. Students can access their semester 2 schedule on MyCBE/Powerschool.


Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns.​

Sep 17
Invitations and Upcoming Dates

Good afternoon to our Jack James community,

As we head into the weekend I wanted to share some upcoming important dates and invitations with you.

On Thursday, September 23 we have our High School Orientation evening. This will be held virtually with myself, Jennifer Gorkoff – JJHS Principal, our Assistant Principals Ms. Farrell and Mr. Ferguson, and our Guidance Counsellors Ms. Davis-Walker and Ms. Hood. We will give an overview of our school and programming, share our plans for the school year and answer questions from parents and guardians. Our courses and teachers will have video links posted on our website to share overviews of their programs, what students will be learning, and the high school experience in each program. These videos will be posted on September 23 for parents & guardians to access as part of our orientation evening.

Please join us on September 23 at 6:00pm -  JJHS Orientation Evening Link

School Council Meeting - We would also like to invite parents/guardians to our School Council Meeting on September 23 at 5:00pm online through Microsoft Teams. This is an opportunity for parents/guardians and community members to make a meaningful difference for students and to share your voice on matters related to the school. Anyone is welcome to attend.

 Please join us on September 23 at 5:00pm  September 23 School Council Meeting Link

Important dates:

September 23 – School Council Meeting 5:00pm via Microsoft Teams

September 23 – School Orientation – 6:00pm via Microsoft Teams

September 24 – Non-Instructional Day – no classes

September 30 - Non-operational day to commemorate Truth and Reconciliation across the CBE - no classes and schools will be closed for the day. Regular Friday schedule classes on Friday, Oct 1.

October 8 - Non-Instructional Day – no classes

October 11 – Thanksgiving Day – no classes

October 15 – IPPs to be sent home via email or hardcopy with students

October 18 - Non-Instructional Day – no classes

October 21 – School Council meeting – new members welcome 5:00

October 22 – Picture retake day. Please ask your student to bring your previous photo proofs if taken in September

November 5 – Report Cards available on MyCBE/Powerschool

November 10 – Parent/Guardian/Teacher Conferences  4:00-7:30 (telephone or video conferences) -  Regular classes for students

            Email/phone contact with teachers prior to Interviews is always welcome. Updates on attendance and marks can be found on MyCBE/Powerschool  

Please don’t hesitate to contact the school or see our website for more information.

Have a wonderful weekend!​

Aug 18
Welcome to the 2021-2022 School Year

On behalf of the staff at Jack James High School, I would like to welcome all students and their families to the 2021-2022 school year. As a staff, we are incredibly excited to welcome our new students and welcome back our current students, to reconnect with our families, and to offer you many opportunities, both in the classroom and in extracurricular activities, to grow, to find new passions and to get excited about school again.

Our back to school information is on our website at Jack James High School along with important dates for the school year. Students and families can also follow us on Instagram at @jackjameshs for school start-up, important dates, and daily school activities.

First Day of Classes-

Our first day of classes is Wednesday, September 1, 2021 and the school office is open to parents on Monday, August 23, 2021.

The first day of classes we will have a staggered entry as follows:

Grade 10 - Wednesday, Sept. 1, 2021 - 8:30 – 11:30 AM 
Grade 11, 12 & Returning 12 - Wednesday, Sept. 1, 2021 - 1:00 – 3:13 PM 
Students will be able to access their course schedule on MyCBE/Powerschool on August 27. 

​I want to help to alleviate any stress that you might be experiencing and to let you know that we, the staff at Jack James, are so very excited to welcome you to the new school year.  I understand that you may be anxious about your school experiences over the past 18 months but please know we are aware of what you have gone through. As a school community we have emerged from this period much stronger and closer than ever, and we look forward to welcoming our new Grade 10’s into this culture of caring and respect. What we hope for is a year filled with exciting learning opportunities, skill development, athletics, clubs, and (fingers crossed), face to face learning each and every day!

​Moving forward into the 2021-2022 school year, we will continue to be vigilant and flexible, putting student and staff safety and wellbeing at the forefront of our daily routines. We will continue to enact all necessary health and safety protocols that are provided to us through our partners at Alberta Health Services and the City of Calgary. It is important that families stay connected to the school during the summer by email and social media for the latest information. Please provide our front office updated contact information so as not to miss important information.

Our staff is committed to keeping you safe, to providing you multiple opportunities to grow and learn, to knowing you as both a learner and a person, and to making this school year fun and engaging.

We look forward to connecting with all our students and parent(s)/guardian(s) in the coming days and weeks as we begin our exciting 2021-2022 school year. 
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me or Assistant Principals Warren Ferguson (last names A-L) or Nancy Farrell (last names M-Z) throughout the course of the year.


Jennifer Gorkoff​
Principal, Jack James High School

May 31
June Updates

Good afternoon to our Jack James community,

We are very happy to see our students back in the building this week and returning to some sense of normalcy as we near the end of this school year. As a whole, our students have been respectful of following safety protocols in the building, wearing masks, and working hard to fill any gaps in their courses they may have missed while in online learning.


Our guidance team has been working hard to finalize our timetable and students courses for next year. There will be limited flexibility to change options in September, and we are asking students to connect with Ms. Davis-Walker or Ms. Hood in Guidance if they are wanting to make a change. We are posting some options on our Instagram page @jackjameshs to introduce students to options that they may have not considered taking – Aboriginal Studies (connecting to the land and exploring ways of knowing), Electrical & Plumbing (valuable skills to know & job opportunities) , Construction (students build the main floor of a house in Gr 11 & 12), Horticulture (job opportunities & many transferable skills), and Outdoor Education (survival skills & field trips) – just to name a few. Students will be able to view their next year schedule prior to summer break but are encouraged to talk with Guidance if there is a course they now want that they know was not on their original request. Check out our Youtube for all our options - JJHS Complementary Courses/Options 2021


With June right around the corner, I wanted to share some important dates and information with you:


June 15 – last day of regular classes – regular bell schedule with homeroom at the end of day

June 16 & 17 – completion days – students attend to complete any outstanding assignments and assessments

June 18 – Non-Instructional Day – no classes / IPPs will be emailed home to families or paper copies available for students

June 21-25 – completion opportunities only by appointment with teacher

June 28 – report cards available on MyCBE

June 29 – Graduation – an email update will be shared with graduates and families soon

June 30 – Non-Instructional Day

We are not planning traditional final exams, however teachers will be assessing learning until June 15. Students will have the opportunity to complete missing work or assessment over our completion days on June 16 & 17.  We will be sharing information later in June regarding achievement awards, more detail on graduation, and returning to school in September for the 2021-22 school year.


Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions or concerns.



Jen Gorkoff​

Jan 25
End of Semester 1 update


Good morning to our Jack James students and families,


Friday, January 22, was the final day for students to hand in assignments and assessments for semester 1. It was great to see the focus of our students this week as they worked to complete the various outcomes for their courses. Students used their time effectively and were respectful of our request to only be in their classes and be at school for learning only, not to socialize.

Report Cards for semester 1 will be available on MyCBE on February 3. MyCBE / PowerSchool link

Semester 2 student timetables can be accessed on MyCBE and students are encouraged to log on to check what courses they are enrolled in.

Any grade 11 and 12 student who has not yet spoken with their guidance counselor to verify semester 2 courses are asked to please send them an email.


Jan Davis-Walker                                      Heather Hood

Last Names A – L                                      Last Names M – Z

jedaviswalke@cbe.ab.ca                         hehood@cbe.ab.ca

403-248-4054 ext 2408                           403-248-4054 ext 2409


There are no scheduled classes the week of January 25-29. Students that are requesting to meet/work with a teacher or staff member are asked to make an appointment prior to coming to the school.

Semester 2 will begin on Monday, February 1 with a brief homeroom block at 8:30am.

The main office will continue to be open it's regular hours next week.

Please check our school Jack James Website calendar rfor important dates in Semester 2.


Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

Jan 18
In-school learning January 18-22 - completion week

​In an attempt to reduce the possibility of Covid-19 exposures in our school community, we will be shifting to supporting students in course completion, credit recovery and wrapping up any final assessments in student's classes. Teachers will be communicating with their students once they have completed their courses. This means that when students are finished their work, they would not be required to be in the school until semester 2 starts on February 1.

We will run our regular bell schedule Monday, Jan 18—Friday Jan 22, but only students that need to attend to complete/meet outcomes for their courses should be attending. Friday, January 22 will be the last day for students to hand in work to be assessed for semester 1 courses. This is not a shift to online learning for this week.

 ts can access an update on current marks on MyCBE and classes will resume during the week for students who need to complete work during class time to meet outcomes prior to the end of the semester on January 22. Report Cards for semester 1 will be available on MyCBE on February 3. MyCBE / PowerSchool link

Semester 2 student timetables can be accessed on MyCBE and students are encouraged to log on to check what courses they are enrolled in.

Any grade 11 and 12 student who have not recently spoken with their guidance counselor to verify semester 2 courses are asked to please send them an email.


Jan Davis-Walker                                 Heather Hood

Last Names A – L                                 Last Names M – Z

jedaviswalke@cbe.ab.ca                     hehood@cbe.ab.ca

403-248-4054 ext 2408                        403-248-4054 ext 2409

There are no scheduled classes the week of January 25-29. Students that are requesting to work with a teacher or staff member are asked to make an appointment prior to coming to the school.

Semester 2 will begin on Monday, February 1 with a brief homeroom block at 8:30am.


Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

Nov 27
Weekly Message Nov 30 - Dec 4

Parent(s)/Guardian(s) & Students

Items in this Update:

  • Transition to Online Information
  • PLP programs continue in-person learning
  • Continue Reporting Positive Cases of Covid-19 to the School

Important Upcoming Dates 

  • Nov 30 – Dec 18   Regular Classes online
  • Decr 4, 2020         ​PD Day – No School for students
  • Dec 18, 2020         Last Day of Classes
  • Dec 19 – Jan 3      Winter Break
  • Jan 4, 2021           First Day back from Winter Break
  • Jan 4 – Jan 8        Regular Classes online / PLP may                                 return to in-person learning​

Transition to Online Information

All HUB students continue with their current HUB classes and schedule.

On Tuesday, November 24 the Alberta Government announced that in-person classes will be moving to online learning from Monday, November 30 to Friday, December 18 and after the winter break from Monday, January 4 to Friday, January 8. PLP (Paced-Learning Program) will continue with in-person learning. Parents of these programs received an email earlier today with more details.

Staff at Jack James are prepared to support all of our students as we move to online with virtual classes, videos, lessons, assignments and assessments. D2L Brightspace will be the primary place for students to access their virtual classrooms and assignments. To access course material and information students must use their student educbe email, not a personal email. If students need a password reset please call the main office. Next week all teachers will be working in the school. If your student needs to pick up materials or drop off completed work they must make an appointment with their teacher ahead of time. Students will have access to the school, but only when they have a pre-booked appointment with their teacher. Students can only access the school to drop off completed work or to pick up assignments or supplies.

Teacher's email addressed can be found on our website – About Us --> Contact Us --> Our Staff

Teachers will be delivering lessons and assignments related to all of the outcomes in their program of studies during this time of online teaching. Students are expected to fully engage in all virtual lessons and complete all assignments and assessments to the best of their ability. Grades will be updated with these online assessments/assignments and students will receive a final grade including the online work assigned. Attendance will continue be taken for each period students are enrolled in a class. Please continue to call the attendance line should you student need to be excused from a class for an appointment or illness.

Students will follow their regular Monday to Friday Schedule during the at-home learning. Friday's Homeroom/Jag Time will be used for assignment completion and students are not required to check in for this class.

Our January final exam schedule is currently under review. Information regarding final exams will be sent to families next week. We understand the stress that online learning puts on our students, therefore:

  • Diploma exams are optional, as announced by the Alberta Government.
    • Students can decide whether to write up to the morning of their scheduled diploma exam.
  • Non-diploma final exams:
    • It is essential that students continue to prepare and review course materials and concepts, so they are prepared to move forward to the next level of the course.

Please note that schedules, dates and plans could change depending on further direction given from the Government of Alberta, Alberta Health Services, Alberta Education an/or the Calgary Board of Education.

PLP – System programs continue in-person learning -PLP will continue with in-person learning. Please see the email sent this morning for more information or contact your student's classroom teacher.

Calgary Transit will discontinue express routes for schools with only Grade 7 to 12. They have also indicated they will waive the administration fee for the return of December adult and youth monthly passes.


Continue Reporting Positive Cases of Covid-19 to the School

Should your student test positive for Covid-19 please continue reporting it to the school.

If you are reporting a Positive Covid-19 case to the school on a weekend or after school hours please email jackjames@cbe.ab.ca.

If you are reporting a positive Covid-19 case during school hours you can call 403-248-4054 ext. 0 to reach the main office.


Jen Gorkoff

Oct 01
Jack James Athletics update - Fall Season

Dear Students and Families of  Jack James High School,

RE:  High School Athletics – Fall Season

Members of the Calgary Senior High School Athletics Association (CSHSAA) have agreed that schools may consider the opportunity to develop practice cohorts for fall sports. This could include tryouts, practices and training but no inter-school competitions are to take place at this time.  The opportunity for schools to consider gradually starting up fall sport practice cohorts allows the health and safety needs of teachers and students to be a focus while recognizing there are different implications for each school with respect to how we are responding to COVID-19.

I, in conjunction with our staff and school district, have determined what is best for our given context. The staff at Jack James has taken into consideration and responded to the following variables that affect our ability to either offer and/or maintain practice cohorts in specific sports.

    1. Impact of required quarantine for staff and/or students
    2. Community transmission rates
    3. Ability to implement a rapid response plan in the event of a positive case, including effective contact tracing
    4. Ability to clean and sanitize equipment and the school facility
    5. Ability to comply with the guidelines set forth by the Government of Alberta, as outlined in the document Guidance for Sport, Physical Activity and Recreation-Stage 2
    6. Ability to comply with the processes and procedures outlined in the CBE's 2020-21 School Re-Entry guidelines  CBE's 2020-21 School Re-Entry Plan
    7. Availability of staff
    8. Ability to offer inclusive opportunities for students given the cap on cohort size


After careful consideration of these variables, we have decided we are unable to develop full school team practice cohorts. We will allow for small group volleyball cohorts to sign in to use the gym at lunch or after school, and keep record of who is in attendance each day. Students participating in small group volleyball play will be given an athletic form to be signed by parents/guardians. Our goal is to sufficiently minimize the risk of transmission of COVID-19 and not compromise our central purpose, which is continuity of learning. 


Communication regarding upcoming winter sports will be shared in early November after receiving guidance from the CSHSAA.


Thank you for your support during these unprecedented times.  If you have questions regarding this decision, please contact Tony Allen, Athletic Director @ tjallen@cbe.ab.ca or myself at jlgorkoff@cbe.ab.ca

Sep 23
Sept 24/25 update

To our Jack James community, 

I would like to send out the reminder that tomorrow, Thursday Sept 24, is Friday schedule of classes. Classes will be ending at 1:16pm.  

There are no classes for students on Friday.

We will be Communicating with families in for our IPP conversations tomorrow afternoon/evening and Friday.


I would also like to invite any parent or guardian who is interested in joining our Parent Advisory Council to our first meeting tomorrow at 5:00 PM via Skype. If you’re interested in attending this online meeting please reply to this email and the invitation will be extended to you.


 Thank you for your continued support,​

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