1929 Hot Rod

Ford Powered JagRod 

Below are some images of a creation that started its life at Jack James High School years ago. It was a product of a group of automotive enthusiasts known as the “Old Schoolin’ Club”. All of the students that were part of this wanted to create a one of a kind school project that would never be forgotten. Unfortunately, JJHS went through some changes that led to some decisions outside of our control, which altered the course of the project, ultimately slowing the completion. Now, the Jagrod, as it is affectionately known as, actually drove into the shop while doing a burnout. It is now back home at Jack James and in the body restoration phase of the build.

Many fans have followed this restoration of the 1929 Ford and a 1967 Thunderbird drive train. The ratio of this tire-burning menace is quite impressive with the 428 with a great pedigree, with the C-6 transmission and 8.8 rear ends. The power to weight ratio should make for some exciting videos to come.

Former Jaguars and anyone interested in helping out with this project, please feel free to chat with Autobody restoration specialist Phil Anderson or Tony Allen for more information. Suggestions are welcome and will be run by the team. 

We sent the big block to the specialist for what’s known as a leak down test. The motor was stated to be rebuilt two years before the project. They will let us know what we have to work with here. Keep your fingers crossed.

Bad news Jaguars. The specialists at unlimited performance gave us the bad news. Our big block is old and tired and probably will not suffice as a burnout worthy engine that we were hoping for. Don't lose hope, we will figure out something.

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